Recording St Edmund’s Girls’ School

St Edmunds Chamber Choir

Just before Half term, 4 Part Music were recording in Salisbury at St Edmund’s Girls’s School.    The recording, which took place over a couple of days was a reflection of the Chamber Choir’s recent trip to Paris back in February.   On that occasion the choir’s usual accompanist was unable to make it at the last minute and so I stepped in.

For the recording, however, Brian White was available and the choir was under the expert guidance of Petra Randall.

This was the first CD recorded by St Edmunds Girls’ School and it was felt that having recently prepared for a tour the choir was in a good position to do justice to a professional recording.

The album contains a mixture of great songs from jazz numbers like Misty & The Lady is a Tramp, through to the more classical end of the spectrum with Rutter’s For the Beauty of the Earth and Mozart Ave Verum.

To add some extra brilliance to the final CD, orchestration was added in post production by 4 Part Music.  This will hopefully give the choir members something to be really proud of in years to come.

Jules Addison is a Director of 4 Part Music and runs a number of choirs in Wiltshire & Gloucestershire

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