Recording a Handful of Singers

Handful of Singers

Once again we found ourselves in the glorious surroundings of the Chapel at Prior Park for this new album we are recording with A Handful of Singers.

Handful of Singers are a highly acclaimed chamber choir from Bath directed by Christopher Finch, himself an acclaimed Choral Conductor and Accompanist.     The recording took place over two sessions approximately 6 months apart.  This in itself presented its own set of challenges.

Maintaining microphone positions is fairly easy as we had taken a number of photographs of the session.  However, there are always going to be slight balance issues if the choir is not made up of exactly the same people in each session.  This is something which often occurs when recording choirs over 2 days or 2 different periods. The biggest problem which arises from this occurs when you are looking to cut together two different takes and either the balance or the speed is slightly different.

One of the challenges with this album was the enormous amount of takes which were recording and as such the number of edits which were then required.  This Album has already taken longer than anything else ever recorded by 4 Part Music and the final CD contains around 150 edit points.   Couple that with trying to maintain the acoustic in the college chapel when different sections are cut together and you have yourself a very complex piece of post production to deal with.

Nevertheless we hope that A Handful of Singers will be delighted with the final CD when it is shortly released.  The talent within the choir is extremely evident throughout the final CD which is also due to the enormously talented Chris Finch.

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