Recording at Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School

Cassiobury Infant School

Last week our mobile studio was in Hertfordshire to record the pupils at Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School.  So yes, that’s really small people!  Relatively, Watford isn’t too far from our studio – well ok it’s the other end of the M4, but compared to some it was almost local.     When we arrive at schools to record, we never quite know where we will be recording. Usually the school hall is the best option – even if it does mean we have to move the setup whilst lunch takes place. However, for various reasons that wasnt possible, so we ended up recording in one of the classrooms.

Technically our mobile studio can be located anywhere and we have been in very small spaces before.  Ideally the bigger the space the better as it allows for more options when placing microphones.  However, our job is to make the best of the situation we are faced with.   Fortunately on this occasion there was no full school song but it was simply songs recorded by year group so all the groups were quite small.

We recorded 11 tracks at Cassionbury Infant and Nursery School and I think it’s one of the few occasions we have recorded a nursery class.   However the children were all impeccably behaved and surprisingly well prepared for the recording session.  The forthcoming CD will be called Learning Together, Singing together and has 3 sections. Maths songs, Literacy Songs and PSHE Songs.

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