Recording at Holy Trinity Academy in Calne

calne school

Last week involved a trip to Calne.  By contrast with a lot of our school recordings this is about as local as it gets. In fact Holy Trinit Calne probably ranks as one of the most local primary schools we have ever recorded in!

The recording session went off without a hitch, or at least the first 2 hours did. Then all of a sudden all the lights went off along with some of our recording gear and the only thing still lit up was the laptop!  There had been a power cut. And no localised power cut either. Half of Wiltshire seemed to suddenly be without power.

In 10 years of recording on location, this is the first time we have ever suffered a power cut during a recording session.   One of the benefits of recording onto laptops is of course they stay powered up which minimised the chance of any data loss as we were able to perform a save before shutting everything down properly. If you are recording on solid state recorders and don’t have backup power, this could be a potential problem.

We have looked into Portable Power units to keep everything running even for just a few minutes, but they are heavy and cumbersome and realistically wouldn’t help.   The most important thing is the laptops keep running and the data so far recorded is safe.

After an hour or so of being in the 19th century, power was then restored and we were able to record again. The pupils were great and really rallied together to get us back on schedule so we could get everything recorded by the end of the School Day.

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