Recording with Harlequin Chamber Choir

The recording with Harlequin Chamber Choir represented our second trip to the Chapel at Cranleigh Preparatory School in as many months.  Earlier this year we had been there to record the Cranleigh Prep School Chamber Choir. Indeed their CD was only produced a few weeks previously.

About Harlequin Chamber Choir

Harlequin is a small, carefully balanced ensemble of around 20 confident choristers who enjoy the challenge of holding a part independently or in a small group. As well as giving concerts, the choir meticulously rehearses repertoire for high-profile competitions. Based, as we are, on the border in Cranleigh, between Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, they attract singers from all three counties.

Recording Session

The recording was undertaken on  a single day due to availability of choirs members. Indeed for most of the recordings we are involved in, getting people together is the hardest thing of all.  Especially with smaller choirs where you need everybody or certainly as many as possible it can be quite tricky getting all the singers together on one occasion. Initially the Harlequin CD was planned to record over 2 days but it was decided in the end that for balance, due to availability, it would be best to do it all on the one day.

Harlequin Chamber Choir CD Recording Session

For the recording session, I was ably assisted by Rowland Beddison, husband to Catherine who directs the Choir as well as being Head of Music at Cranleigh Prep.   This made the whole session extremely managable and meant Rowland could focus entirely on listening to the performance.

Harlequin Chamber Choir CD Recording Session
Production Desk

We always encourage clients to have one of their members or another musician to act as ‘producer’ on the day as this can be a great help and makes editing decisions in the studio later a whole lot easier.

The CD – Over The Rainbow

Harlequin Chamber Choir CD
CD Cover

The CD is available for purchase via the choir website priced at £10, and is also available from the choir’s administrator, Rachel Musgrove, by telephoning 01483 277414 or emailing

The Author: Jules Addison is a Director of 4 Part Music and also Musical Director for 5 choirs in Wiltshire & Gloucestershire

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