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BeVox Choir CD

Last weekend, we were in Scarborough to record BeVox.  Describing themselves as ‘Your Community Choir’ BeVox is in fact four choirs directed by the Maestro that is Timothy Allen.  Tim is one of those musicians who manages to inspire choirs before he has even said anything.  From the moment we encountered Tim and his unique style we knew this would be a great recording.

The members of his 4 BeVox Choirs all turned up at 10am on the first day of our 2 day session eager to get going.  After a short warm up the choir got into the first set of songs.   Over the course of 2 days we recorded a total of 14 songs and the sessions had been planned so the choir got regular breaks usually after every 2 or 3 songs.   Whilst this may sound a lot, singing is a demanding business and short but regular breaks are the best way of managing a recording session so you get the best from your singers for longer.

It’s a tough gig to sing all day, especially when every time you open your mouth, the Musical Director wants the best performance you have ever given!

All the arrangements for Bevox are put together by Timothy Allen and the choir sing to backing tracks, again prepared by Tim in his own studio.   Our job was to record the choir but try to keep as much of the backing track out of the recording so we could then put this together in the studio afterwards.   Recording like this is never ideal because there will always be elements of ‘bleed’ however much you try to keep a backing track out of the main mix. However, short of putting in 200 pairs of headphones or going to somewhere like Abbey Road, there aren’t really many options.

BeVox Van
The van is for the technical kit not the choir!

BeVox have invested heavily in their choir setup.  They don’t just rock up with a couple of old speakers and a slightly dodgy CD player. Oh no, this was done properly with a carefully specified Bose Audio system and high quality kit with which to play the backing tracks. Tim also had his own Keyboard to help with the session.

We had a great time recording with BeVox and would welcome the opportunity to work with them in the future.  The CD is already sounding great and it should be a great boost for the choir and enable them to show even more people just how great this choir is.

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