Recording at Buxton Infant School in Derbyshire

Buxton infant

Despite not being as far North as some of our recordings, Buxton seemed a long way from our studios in Bath.  The journey was fine until getting towards the Peak District and having come off the main road there was around an hour of twisty roads leading deep into some of the prettiest scenery in the Midlands.  Or at least it would have been pretty had it not been dark!

Buxton CD Recording
View on Arrival

Nevertheless, after 4 hours in the van, I had arrived at the school at 7.15am (or 7.23 as the van clock seems to show).  The lights were on but no one seemed to be in just yet.  This didn’t matter, the most important thing, as always, is that we arrive at the agreed time.  It was cold and wet which is never ideal for unloading but such is the way of things at this time of year!

The teachers had been very organised and I was given a list of all the songs to be recorded along with the classes. This is useful not just on the day but also when it comes to editing and producing the CD artwork.

The music to be recorded was:

  • Rainbow Fish – Bigger & Bigger
  • Rainbow Fish – Turnip Soup
  • Rainbow Fish – Hilly Billy Hedgehog
  • Dolphins – There’s a spider on the floor
  • Seahorses – Here comes the elephant
  • Year one (Dolphins & Seahorses) – Water’s for…
  • Sharks – Water all around
  • Sharks (poem) – Water’s for…
  • Starfish – Money Spider
  • Starfish (poem) – Splish, Splash, Splosh
  • Whole school recordings
  • Sunshine in my heart
  • Make new friends
  • Peace like a river
  • Janie Mama
  • Kopf Schultern
  • Hallo Hallo Guten Tag
  • Hallo wie geht’s

As always the school held a competition to design the front cover of the CD and our job was to brand it with the official school colours which in this instance were red.

CD Recordings
CD Artwork – Draft Copy

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