Recording St Andrew’s Madrigal Group

St Andrews

Getting a call to record a University Choir is always, to us, deemed an honour.  When the University is St Andrew’s, even more so.  That’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago.  The call came from the St Andrew’s Madrigal Group (Mad Group as they are commonly known) who wanted to record and produce a CD to be ready within a matter of a few weeks.

As St Andrew’s is a 7+ hour drive from Bath, the sensible option was to set off the night before and I stayed over in Glenrothes meaning the Mad Group had a full day recording without interruptions or delays.

Being late to a recording session simply isn’t an option in our books and so travelling up the day before was essential particularly as part of the journey meant navigating the infamous Forth Road Bridge which was in fact full of Roadworks.

Forth Road Bridge
Forth Road Bridge


The Recording session took place in a small chapel which was an ideal space for this choir being both quiet and having a near perfect acoustic for the type of music they were recording ( predominantly madrigals!).

St Andrews University
St Andrews University Madrigal Group Recording Session 2016

It had plenty of space for the choir to sing in their natural performance arrangement as well as allowing height for the microphones to be correctly positioned and for the sound to develop.  Only having 1 day to record an entire album can sometimes be a challenge but the St Andrew’s Mad Group, despite being slightly unbalanced did an admirable job.

Once the recording was complete, there was only a matter of days before the actual CD’s were required at the University. Luckily fast turnarounds are something we are often pretty good at here.   Obviously audio production cannot be rushed, but if there is a deadline to be met and the customer is aware of the limitations then we can usually deliver.

Preparing to record

The CD artwork was prepared by one of the students and sent to us in good time to allow our Graphic Design team to turn their content into something suitable to go on a CD sleeve as well as preparing it for printing.


We had a great time up in Scotland recording with the St Andrew’s University Madrigal Group.  The choir is superb and we really hope this CD is a great success for them.  Below is an extract taken from their Album.

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