Recording at Burbage Primary School

Burbage Primary School

Last week we got a lie in! For the majority of school recordings, depending on the distance involved, we are normally setting off from our Bath Studio around 4am. But the latest recording was at Burbage Primary School in Wiltshire which essentially is just up the road.

It’s not often that we get to record locally in Wiltshire and on the plus side, because we don’t charge extra for travel, unlike a lot of mobile recording studios, it’s a little more cost effective too! Although it does also rely on not having a coming together with the van and a gatepost!

Damage to van

Aside of the self inflicted damage to the van the recording itself was very successful.  As always we had a range of music to record. This included a Cello Duet, a recorder group, some violins and then year group singing.  Burbage Primary is quite a small school compared to some but we had all 100 pupils together at the end of the day for a song they had adapted the words for called Give it All.

Burbage Primary School CD
CD Cover designed by pupils

We always like to give Primary Schools the chance to design their front cover. In fact you can download a template for this by visiting our downloads page.  Most schools run a competition and if an overall winner cannot be drawn we include several pieces of artwork on the inside pages of the booklet or the back cover.

CD Inside Cover
Inside Cover featuring pupil artwork

If you would like to find out more about Recording a FREE CD at your Primary School then please call us on 01225 302143 or send us an email

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