Recording at St Margaret’s Primary Academy in Lowestoft

Recordings in Primary Schools represent a large part of our business, and whilst we do the bulk of this work at Christmas, we are often busy recording School CD’s at other points in the year.   The recording with St Margaret’s was exactly that.  Given the distance from our Bath studio, we travelled up the night before in order to be on site at 7.30am as usual.

Following the incident with the van at Burbage the week before, the first thing on arrival was to carefully negotiate the school gates!

St Margarets Primary Academy
Trying not to scrape the side of the van again!

The recording, as usual, took place in the school hall and we had a busy schedule throughout the day.  The most important thing when recording lots of different groups is to first of all set up a virtual ‘stage’ with microphones positioned to capture the musicians who are presented.   Ideally, and where possible, we move microphones according to the instruments and groups performing. However, when you have a busy schedule this isn’t always possible and indeed not practical for the final recording output.

Primary School CD Recording
School Hall at St Marget’s

The day started with some singing from the reception classes, followed by a Cello Group. Next up was a brass group followed by many many violins all playing together!  We then got onto more singing. Firstly by year group and then towards the end of the day there was the whole school song which is a great way of ensuring every pupil is included on the album.

Best of all at the end of the day, we always try to encourage the staff to sing a song.  The staff at St Margaret’s were willing and searched you tube for some karaoke of songs by Steps and S Club 7….

Staff Song
Staff song


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