New Services Launched

In May 2016, 4 Part Music launched a range of new services to support their work in Music Production and Audio Mastering.  Further details will be published over the coming weeks but in brief our new services include:

Media Services – CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Production

4 Part Music has been producing CDs for recording clients fore the past 12 years.  Whilst a lot of media and indeed our recordings are now being produced for online sales, there is still a market for Offline media such as CD’s.  Did you know we can also produce DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs.   We are not into video and have no plans to move into that area. However, a lot of our audio recordings are often done in conjunction with videographers.  If you are looking to have a digital brochure produced we can help you with DVD or Blu-Ray production.

Music Services – Music Production, Audio Editing and Mastering

Again, linked to our business experience, 4 Part Music will continue to offer Audio Editing and Mastering Services to a range of clients both new and existing.  With 12 years experience of Audio Production and working with digital files, 4 Part Music are now offering these services to other clients who are looking to get the best results from their recordings.


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