Record a Free CD at your Primary School

Free School CD Recording

Every year 4 Part Music get involved in more and more School Recordings.  The months leading up to Christmas are a particularly busy time for us as we offer Primary Schools all over the UK the chance to record a Free CD.  Below we have answered some of the questions we are often asked:

Why should your school Record a CD?

It’s sometimes said that CD’s are becoming a bit old fashioned.  There is an element of truth in this and all our recordings now are recorded and digitally mastered. In theory we don’t need to ever create a CD again. However, for schools we feel there is still a lot of benefit in having a CD.  It’s not just about showcasing the talent of your pupils. By recording with us and producing CDs your pupils will forever have a physical record of their time at school.  And, although it may seem a long way off to the average primary school pupil, they will have something they can show their own Children and Grandchildren.

We recently recorded at a Primary School where one of the teachers, probably in her mid thirties, told her pupils that she had recently come across a CD she had recorded during her time at school and it meant far more to her now that it did at the time.

Our job is to help create not only a valuable promotional item for your school but also help give your pupils some special memories of their time at school which hopefully they will treasure in the years to come.

What happens on the recording day?

One of our recording engineers will arrive at your school around 7.30am in order to set up all the recording gear and be ready to start recording from around 8.45am.  We spend all day with you and usually will record each year group, plus some instrumental songs or your choir if you have one.  It’s often quite fun to record a ‘staff song’ at the end of the day.

Where do we record?

4 Part Music is a Location Recording company. We bring our mobile studio to your school and will turn your school hall (or other suitable space) into a recording studio for the day. Don’t worry if your school hall also doubles as the dining room.  We can easily make space for lunch staff and then carry on into the afternoon if necessary.

What can we record?

A CD will hold 80 minutes of music, which is usually more than enough for most school recordings.  Most schools will record a song with each year group, a ‘Whole School’ song, some instrumental groups (guitars, recorders perhaps?) as well as songs from a school choir if you have one.  We can also record poetry or other readings as appropriate.

How can the recording be free?

4 Part Music is one of the largest Mobile recording studios in the UK specialising in recording Choirs and Schools.  Our unique position in the industry enables us to offer free recording sessions to Primary Schools anywhere in the UK.  All you pay for are the CD’s ordered which generally start from around £3 per disc depending on how many you order and the type of packaging you require.  This enables schools not only to benefit from a free recording but also the chance to make a small profit from sales of CD’s.

How good are the Recordings?

Our company motto is ‘You are only ever as good as your last job’.  We take great pride in the quality of our recordings and offer the same high quality and professionalism to all our clients.   Have a listen to some examples of our work with other schools and judge for yourself.

To book a FREE Recording session at your school, give us a call today on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us via email

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