Record a Choir CD this Christmas

Christmas CD Recording

If you sing in a Choir or indeed run a Choir, then Christmas comes early every year.   In fact, for choirs December 25 usually marks the end of their Christmas activities.  Of course as we all know the season leading up to Christmas is known as Advent and this is when the majority of Christmas ‘Choral’ Concerts and events are staged.

For this reason it is about now (October) that most choirs will embark on learning songs and repertoire for their Christmas concerts.   All over the country, rehearsal rooms, school halls and churches are filled with the sound of Christmas.   Whether your repertoire is sacred angels on high or the more secular references to santa and his sleigh, whether we like it, Christmas will soon be upon us.  Carols will be sung and choirs will be out in their thousands to entertain us through the festive season.

Recording your Christmas Repertoire

I personally think that Christmas music, whether sacred or secular, is some of the best music ever written and it is a shame that it only has such a short ‘shelf life’.   By recording your Christmas repertoire you are preserving that to allow people to enjoy it for longer.   And what better time to record Christmas music than at this time of year.

When to Record Christmas Music?

Most choirs start learning Christmas music from September / October time in readiness for Christmas performances during Advent.   Christmas is of course the best time to sell a Christmas CD. However, there is still plenty of time to record and produce a CD ready for sale in December.  In fact did you know it often takes just 2 weeks from the point of recording to the time when you have professionally produced and packaged CD’s in your hands ready to sell.  Therefore a recording session mid November is still leaving plenty of time to have CDs ready to sell in December.

Of course you don’t have to produce CDs. Our Budget recording service is ideal for choirs who just want to record some songs to put on their website. This is a cost effective way of getting a top quality recording which will then help promote your Christmas concerts and events.   The turnaround for that is even quicker.  In fact we even offer a Priority Service so you can have professionally produced digital audio files ready to go on your website within 48 hours of the recording session.

If you already have a packed few months ahead, which many choirs will do, then another good option for recording a Christmas CD is to do so in January or February.  At this time there are often very few other concerts being put on after the manic rush of Christmas.  So why not take the time to record your Christmas repertoire whilst it is still fresh in mind.   Admittedly there probably isn’t much of a market to sell Christmas CDs in January, but it means they can be available in good time for next Christmas.

Special Promotion

We are currently running a special offer where some of the payment for Christmas CD’s recorded in January can be deferred until later in the year. Why not take advantage of this offer and book your January recording date with us today.

About the Author: Jules Addison is a Director of 4 Part Music and runs 5 choirs in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. In December he has choirs performing every day in the run up to Christmas.

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD with your Choir, give us a call today on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us via email

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