Christmas CD for Enfield Salvation Army Brass Band

Enfield Salvation Army Band

Over the last few years, we have recorded an increasing number of Brass and Silver Bands.  Ironically whilst 4 Part Music was originally set up to record Choirs, our very first ever recording was with a Silver Band.  Over the last 14 years the business has developed and we now include Brass and Silver Bands in our portfolio of location recordings.

Enfield Citadel Band

Enfield Citadel Band was founded in Tottenham, north London, in 1892, and soon established a reputation as one of the Salvation Army’s leading musical groups. In 1972, with the merging of two Salvation Army corps, the band moved to Enfield, on the outskirts of north London, and assumed its present title. There, as before, the band’s principal purpose has remained – to proclaim the Gospel message within the corps and in open-air activities in the same way as Salvation Army bands throughout the world.

The Recording Session

This was our second recording of the day. Earlier on we had been recording at Newburgh Primary School in Warwick.  So after a quick trip down the M40 we arrived in Enfield shortly after 6pm ready to set up for the evening session. The band first of all accompanied two congregational carols – Hark, the herald angels sing and Silent Night. Then, under the guest leadership of Don Jenkins, recorded the march Christmas Joy (Leidzen) and then Normandy Carol (Redhead).

Salvation Army Band
Recording Enfield Salvation Army Band

The Album

The purpose of the album, which is entitled ‘Christmas on your doorstep’, is to promote the Band in the local community.  As such the band ordered 1000 copies which will be distributed freely amongst the local residents.

Enfield Salvation Army
CD Front Cover

In order to reduce the postage costs, the CD was packaged in cardboard wallets with artwork produced by Band members.  Our Graphic design team then compiled the images and discs were replicated by our European plant.

Turnaround times

The CD was recorded on 11 November 2016 and it was imperative the discs were ready in time for the Band’s Christmas fair and also in good time to mail out before Christmas.   We agreed a delivery date of 8 December.  Allowing 10-12 working days for the CD production this gave us just over a week to do all the editing and get the audio signed off by the client.

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD for your Brass or Silver Band then please contact us on 01225 302143 or click here to send us an email

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