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Location Recording Services

Increasingly we are asked to go out on location to record choirs who want to produce high quality audio for their websites and other social media.  Of course we also still record a lot of Choirs and then produce CDs or sell the tracks online.  This can be a great way of earning money for your choir through CD or track sales. However, there is a growing need for high quality audio for websites.

Why Record Audio for Choir Websites?

The current estimate suggests there are at least 5000 choirs in the UK and this number is quite probably rising all the time.  Whilst it is not exactly a competitive market, there can be competition between choirs wanting to get new members.  Increasingly, due to the popularity of choirs and the numbers of them, concert and performance venues are also now starting to ask for show reels (recordings) to ensure they get the best choirs onto their stages.

You could of course just make a recording on a mobile phone during a rehearsal. Plenty of choir members do this to help them learn the songs. For that purpose, it’s ideal and I encourage my singers to do the same.  However, if you are trying to show your choir in its best light then really a recording on a phone or even a basic hand held recorder really isn’t quite up to the job.

Is the Quality Different for online audio clips?

In a nutshell no.  Regardless of your end purpose for the recording we always record at the highest possible resolution (quality).  In post production we can then output the files in different ways depending on whether you are looking to sell high quality 96k files, produce CDs or put small sample clips on a website.  We still bring the full array of recording equipment, all the professional grade mics along with the talkback and playback systems.

How does the Recording Session work?

If we are recording an album for a choir it will often take place over a weekend with two 8 hour days worth of recording.  We can of course do exactly the same for Recording Demo Tracks. However in reality, mostly due to budgets, we tend to record tracks for your website in a single session usually of a few hours.  In a lot of cases this will be at a similar time to a choirs’ weekly rehearsal.   However just because the recording is being done in less time does not mean it is any way compromised.

Typically an evening recording session might work something along these lines:

17.30 – 4 Part Music arrive and set up in the proposed recording venue
18.15 – Choir arrive and start warming up
18.30 – Start of recording session
20.00 – Mid session break
20.30 – Recording Session
22.00 – End of Session
22.45 – 4 Part Music leave having packed up and left venue as found

How much does it Cost?

A half day recording session, starts from around £350 all inclusive of travel for location recordings anywhere in the UK.

To find out more and book a recording session with us please call today on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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