Recording with London Gallery Quire

Recording Session

Yesterday we were in London for the first of 2 sessions with the London Gallery Quire.

The Venue

The venue was carefully chosen by London Gallery Quire to be centrally located for their members but also be fairly quiet and have a suitable acoustic for their choir and band.

All Saints Church, West Ham

Finding such a venue in central London is never going to be easy, but All Saints in West Ham is reasonably tucked out of the way.  We did have to stop recording a couple of times for some police sirens but otherwise the venue was ideal.

London Gallery Quire
London Gallery Quire in All Saints Church, West Ham

The London Gallery Quire

The London Gallery Quire perform West Gallery Music, the psalmody heard in parish churches and non-conformist chapels during the Georgian period, from about 1720 to 1850.  The Quire, directed by Dr Francis Roads, was formed in February 1997 and is composed of a diverse group of welcoming people who enjoy making music together. Most of the repertoire is in four parts, for SATB voices and instruments double the vocal parts.

The Recording

As usual, our team arrived at 7.30am in order to get all the recording gear into the venue and be set up and ready to record by 9am.   Fortunately there was nearby parking which was available all day – this can be a tricky thing particularly in fairly central London.

london gallery quire
Warming up

The setup was fairly straightforward because the LGQ musical director, Dr Francis Roads had helpfully provided a sketch of how the band tend to form up and where in the church he wanted them positioned.   This enabled us to quickly find suitable microphone positions and arrange them in such a way that cabling and stands were not a distraction for choir members.

Yesterday’s recording session was the first of two full day sessions we are doing with the London Gallery Quire. There is a total of 20 tracks to recording, 10 of which were recorded yesterday.    The session was expertly lead by Dr Roads and the Quire were well prepared and so there was often little need to do anything more than a couple of times.

jules addison
Sound Engineer – Jules Addison

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