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Focus School

Our trip to Hull to record at the Focus School in Cottingham, represented the third Focus School we have recorded in this year.  This recording followed on fairly closely behind our recording at Focus in Stockport.

This recording had been arranged by the Head Teacher and the plan was to record a number of choirs which exist within the school. The choirs are lead and run by Mr Ian Seddon, who is a fantastically talented musician. When not working with the pupils at Focus in Cottingham, amongst other things he is the Deputy organist at Beverley Minster.

We were given a warm welcome by the staff at Focus in Cottingham.  As it was a two day recording, our recording team stayed over at a nearby hotel which made it easy for us to be on site at 07.30am without having to leave at a ridiculously early hour.  We were quickly shown to the room which was to be used for the recording and had everything unloaded and set up by 9am as planned.

Recording Session
Focus School in Cottingham

Although we had two days to record, there was a fairly tight schedule planned as each choir was singing 3 or 4 songs.   We therefore recorded pretty much non stop all morning up until 1pm. There was then a short break for lunch – and we were directed to a rather nice sandwich shop just opposite the school.   By 1.30pm we were back recording again as the school day ended at 3pm so it was important to make good use of all the available time.

By the end of the first day, we were right on schedule and so we packed up some of our recording gear and headed back to the hotel which conveniently had a nice swimming pool.  A little later on we ventured into nearby Beverley for dinner. Unfortunately the Minster was closed by that time but it was nice to walk around the nearby streets before finding a suitable place for dinner.

The next morning we were back at Focus in Cottingham by 08.30 and had everything back online to start recording promptly at 9am.  The second day followed very much along the lines of the first.   Ian Seddon runs a very tight ship and the choirs had all been exceptionally well rehearsed.  The staff at pupils at Focus in Cottingham were a delight to work with and we are already enjoying listening to the recorded tracks as we master them back in the studio.

About Focus Schools

Focus Learning Trust is part of the OneSchool global network, which is affiliated with the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. As a result, the Cottingham Campus is strongly rooted in Christian beliefs. Each student, staff member and parent is encouraged to uphold the school’s primary values of integrity, care and compassion, respect, responsibility and commitment. The school motto is “Learning to learn”, by which it means encouraging children to think critically and adopt an enquiring approach to life.

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