Taking Bookings for Christmas Recordings in 2017

Christmas CD

As the rain lashes against our office windows, not too far to the South, there are many people on the A303 taking their caravans  and tents towards the promise of Cornish Sunshine and a long hot summer spent on the beaches.  To the west of here,  lots of big orange tubes are taking to the skies above Bristol carrying people to far away climes which promise endless sunshine and cocktails by a glistening swimming pool.

Against this backdrop of the Great British Public going off for their summer holidays, at 4 Part Music we are turning out attention to Christmas.  We are well aware that some people take exception to the mention of the C word so early in the year. Nevertheless it is a fact that we are already taking bookings to record Christmas CDs in October and November.

School Christmas Recordings

Our work in schools is fairly seasonal. Generally speaking, our two busiest times of the year are June and November to co-incide with the end of the school year and of course Christmas.  Come late October and November we are always terribly busy recording school Christmas CDs.  In fact this year we already have 7 bookings confirmed in our diary. This is not wholly unusual although even we have been surprised by the numbers of enquirys so early in the year.

Choir Christmas Recordings

As well as recording schools, we also tend to record a lot of choirs around Christmas time.  The main reason behind this is that Christmas is a time when Choirs are incredibly busy performing at many concerts and other events.  It is therefore a great time to sell CDs or digital albums.  A CD of your choir not only makes a great present for family members of those in the choir but is immensely sellable and could well boost your choir funds by quite a bit come the new year.

CD or Download?

Increasingly nowadays choirs are turning to digital medium to sell their albums.  But in reality the big problem with a digital download is you cannot easily sell it at a concert.  A CD, despite being seen as a slightly ‘dated’ medium is still a physical item which can be sold either at a Christmas concert or at a school fete.  And of course,  ultimately you can easily turn a CD into a digital file by simply importing it into your iTunes library and then distributing the music digitally onto your MP3 players.

There will of course become a time in the not too distant future where CD players of any sort are increasingly hard to come by.  A lot of cars nowadays do not come with CD players and laptops are increasingly supplied without.  Luckily we are already planning ahead for this and will have a number of new product offerings launching over the next few weeks and months to keep our business model moving forward for the next 10 years.

In the meantime if you would like to record a Christmas album in 2017 with your school or choir then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us via email.


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