Choir Recording in London

St Leonards Streatham

One of the great joys of working with 4 Part Music is the variety of recordings we get involved in.  Over the past few weeks we have been immersed in recording choirs and have had the privilege of hearing some amazing groups and listening to some outstanding music. Last week was no exception and we found ourselves in Streatham, Greater London, working with Choral Composer Thomas Young.

The recording took place at St Leonards Church, Tooting Bec Gardens, where Thomas was one time Director of Music.  Having retired from this post and now moved to the South coast, we were commissioned to make a recording of Thomas’ organ and choral music which was written for the church choir at St Leonards.

The organ at St Leonards Streatham

We had a planned a half day recording session at the church as the music was to be recorded in two sessions. One now and the follow up one in Spring 2018.  On arrival the set up was relatively straightforward. The 4 part SATB choir numbered 8, although curiously was made up of 3 Basses, 1 Tenor, 1 Alto and 3 Sopranos.  I’m not sure this was a deliberate choice but was, as so often is the case, subject to choir members availability.

Choir in London
The Choir with Thomas Young directing

The choir were well rehearsed and it was a delight to hear some of Thomas’ music being performed.    As far as we are aware this will be the only recording of his music and we were very pleased to be asked to record it.

There were 6 pieces of choral music to record followed by 3 pieces on the organ.   Once the choir had finished we relocated one of our tall mic stands in order to record the organ.   The instrument is a Walker, built in 1978 which replaces the organ burnt in a fire that gutted the church and necessitated reconstruction of the church to a much lighter and convenient layout.

microphone stand
Getting Microphones 30 feet into the air

We really enjoyed this first session with Thomas Young and the choir of St Leonards in Streatham (Greater London) and are looking forward to the next session with them in Spring 2018.

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