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When we are out on location recording choirs, we meet some very lovely people.  A lot of choirs we work with haven’t recorded before or at least if they have, the last album was a few years ago.   I think without exception, all the choirs we work with do their very best to accommodate our needs and help us in any way they can.

In advance of the Recording

Before we arrive for your recording session it’s always quite helpful to have a list of songs we are going to be recording as we need to put this in our notes during the session.  We also need to know how many people are in your choir and in how many parts.   Along with this please let us know about your accompaniment – if it’s a piano, will you be bringing a digital piano or is there an instrument on site.  Please also let us know if there are any soloists or other instrumentalists even if just for part of the song.

On the Recording Day

Provided we have all the information above, there’s not a lot more we need on the day other than perhaps a cup of tea!   We will leave you to run the session pretty much in the same way you might run a rehearsal.

Our Engineers will usually arrive about 2 hours before you want to start recording in order to set up our kit.  If it’s possible to arrange parking outside / near to the venue that is helpful as we will need to carry a lot of kit into the venue.

Once the recording session finishes we then need about an hour in order to take everything down and move all our kit out the venue.

Please don’t offer to help

We are always immensely grateful that people are kind enough to offer their help whilst we are packing away.   But in the nicest possible way we would really rather you didn’t.  All our kit has to be packed away in a particular order. Even cables have to be coiled in a particular fashion – partly so they are not damaged and partly so they uncoil easily at the next job.  We apologise for sounding a bit precious about this, but our kit is extremely valuable and it is the most important asset we have.   If anything is accidentally damaged this could have very serious consequences for us particularly if we are back out recording the next day, as is often the case.  So with apologies for sounding harsh, we really appreciate people’s kindness, but would prefer to be left alone to pack away all our kit.

To find out more about our location Recording services for Choirs, please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us


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