Recording with Penistone Ladies Choir and Skelmanthorpe MVC

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Our first recording of 2018 took us to Yorkshire, and specifically the village of Birdsedge.  Here, the task was to record another album for the lovely Penistone Ladies Choir.   This will be our second album we have produced for this award winning group and we are delighted to have been asked back.

This time, to make it a little different the Penistone Ladies were joined by Skelmanthorpe Male Voice Choir.  Both these choirs are run by Jane Hobson who is an outstanding Musical Director who is a great inspiration to her choirs.  This is backed up by the awards both choirs have won in recent years both locally and further afield.

skelmanthorpe mvc
Skelmanthorpe MVC in session

The recording venue was the same hall we used for Penistone Ladies’ first CD approximately 18 months ago.  Birdsedge Wesleyan Reform Church is actually an ideal location as it has very little passing traffic and for a smallish hall actually quite a reasonable acoustic.  We always remind customers that we can add, but we cannot easily take away.  Whilst we don’t necessarily want to record in a ‘dead’ studio environment that is much easier to deal with than a resonant acoustic where the sound meets itself coming back the other way!

birds edge reform church
Recording Venue

We recorded over a couple of days. On the Friday evening we started with just Penistone Ladies choir.  The ladies were on top form and recorded 8 songs in just under 3 hours. This was extremely pleasing as it meant that Shelly and I could get back to our hotel just before 9pm in time for a spot of dinner!

The following day we started at 9am to record some joint songs with both Penistone Ladies and Skelmanthorpe MVC.  The blended sound of all the voices, even in a relatively small space sounded fabulous and we think they are going to be really pleased with the album.

We then spent the afternoon in the company of the Skelmanthorpe men.  What a fine bunch of chaps they are – we particularly enjoyed the rather jolly rendition of ‘Reindeer on the Roof’.

Below is a sneaky preview of a joint song – the album is currently in production and will be available soon.

If you would like to record a CD with your choir then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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