Cable runs

Cable reel

When we set up our mobile recording rig on location one of the things we are very conscious of is the amount of cabling which is necessary.

The concept of wireless technology has not yet arrived in the world of Location Recordings and every single microphone still needs its own cable.  These all go back to a central point on stage before then going to the engineering desk. Our engineering desk (computers and pre amps) will either be located to one side of the recording space or in a separate room, depending on the venue.

Keeping things safe

As far as possible we try to take all the microphone cables back to a single central location and then run just one cable back to our engineering desk.  In addition to this, whilst the microphones will mostly be in front of where your choir or band are situated there may be some additional microphones to the rear or sides of the ‘stage area’.  When we set this up we will always try to keep at least one clear pathway for the choir members or musicians to ‘enter’ the stage area without going over any cables.

Again as far as possible we will tape cables down or run them under matting to keep the whole area as safe as possible. Once everything is set up and we invite your choir into position we will advise you of the best way to enter and leave the recording area.

Whilst we do not like to make a big fuss about health and safety and you won’t find anyone in a high viz jacket, we do take customer safety very seriously.  We will always point out the safe route onto stage and always remind people NOT to walk between the microphones. But far too often people ignore this and there are always some who assume rules don’t apply to them and blatantly walk over the cables between the microphones. Someone once even moved a microphone to get to his seat. As you can imagine this did not go down well!

All we ask is that our clients listen to our very short briefing at the beginning of the session and follow the instructions about how to enter and exit the recording area safely.  Not only does this stop anyone tripping over, but it also saves us from invoicing your choir for the full replacement cost of any damaged microphones which could be many thousands of pounds!

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