Which types of guitars are the best for playing metal?

Many people want to learn how to play guitar for various reasons. Some of them love jazz music, some of them love country music. But, there are so many people who just live for metal and this is the main reason why they want to become metal guitar players. But, is there a difference between playing metal and playing some other type of music? Of course, there is, metal guitar players have different style to play, and in this article we will write about which types of guitars are the best for playing metal.

Tips to play metal guitar

First, these are some tips for playing metal guitar. Some of those tips you probably know, but it’s better to understand them better. There are different methods for playing metal guitar and you must choose the one it suits the best for you. Many guitar players learn to play guitar at home. Some of them need private tutoring. Ask yourself what type of person are you and what you prefer – to learn to play guitar at home, or to have guitar classes.

In order to learn how to play metal guitar, you need to practice as often as possible. Practice every day, for at least hour or two, make practice the most important thing in your life. Playing guitar is not a hobby, it is a way of life, and you must understand that. While you practice, or before practice or after, you must listen to heavy metal songs, you must understand how metal works and you have to feel this music, this is the only way to truly learn how to play it.

Warm up before practice. If you haven’t played guitar for a while, or if you are a beginner, it is not a bad thing to warm up before you start to practice. You don’t have to do a workout, but some of the basic stretches and exercises for guitar playing is a must. Set your goal and don’t give up until you reach that goal. Learn new songs often, learn new methods of playing and – have some good time.

Best types of guitars for playing metal

So, you are finally ready to get started? In the following few paragraphs, get ready to learn which are best types of guitars for playing metal. Metal is a type of music with unique sound and style of playing, and you must set high standards if you want to become an amazing metal guitar player. There are so many high-quality brands on the market, and some brands are specialized in heavy metal music. It is hard to imagine some guitars in other types of music besides metal. For instance, have you ever heard that someone uses an electric guitar for country music? We don’t think so.

Electric guitar definitely deserves to be on top of our list when it comes to metal music. This type of guitar is powerful enough to show you the unique sound of metal. There are several types of electric guitars in case you didn’t know, and our personal recommendation is solid body electric guitar. Solid body electric guitar is definitely the way to go. Although there are no rules or universal strategy to choose the right electric guitar for you, solid body electric guitar is always a good choice.

There are also electric-acoustic guitars, but we don’t recommend this type of guitars for beginners. Start with electric guitar and practice a lot, this is a path to become an amazing metal guitar player. If you are not sure if some model of electric guitar is right for you, go with a friend, and if that friend knows a lot about guitars and metal music, even better. After you pick a model that suits you, choose a color, a number of strings and you are ready for practice.

Fender electric guitar

In the next few lines, we will write about some of the best solid body electric guitars. First one is Fender Stratocaster. Fender is definitely well known for high-quality electric guitars. Stratocaster is synonym for cool and powerful electric guitar. With a unique design and amazing features, it is one of the models you definitely want to consider buying if you don’t have a limited budget. 
Fender has Tremolo Bridge which gives you an opportunity to change a pitch of chords during playing. There are so many possibilities with this type of guitar, you just need to start slow.

If you are not sure about Stratocaster, Telecaster should be next on your list. It is also known as Broadcaster. It has a single cutaway look and it is made for playing metal. It has ashtray instead of Tremolo Bridge and with single coil pickup and high-quality neck and body, it gives ultimate performance.

Ibanez electric guitar

Ibanez is another high-quality metal guitar with affordable price. Choose your price range and go with Ibanez, this type of guitar has fast tone and an amazing tremolo system. Ibanez guitar has a thin body and it looks classy and easy to keep it under control. No matter if your favorite type of music is metal or hard rock, you can become the true master with help of this guitar. Body is also thin which makes guitar lightweight. With high-quality body and neck, this is definitely a good choice.

Final Verdict

If you decided to find out which guitar is the best for playing metal music, there are several things you should know. One of the best types of metal guitars is an electric guitar with a solid body. Besides this, you must choose bridge and tuning, picks and wooden tone to make your performance even better. Before this, you must set a budget first. If you have a limited budget, purchase a guitar first. Later, you can buy equipment and gear. You must also know that purchasing most expensive guitar will not make you great metal guitar player in the world. Safe thing is to go slow, listen to your heart, and practice every day.

About the Author:  John Anthony is a guest writer for 4 Part Music and is currently busy with versity mid term exams

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