Recording the School Musical

school musical

In conversation with a retired teacher recently, the observation was made that a huge amount of work and dedication goes into school musical productions, but so often they are not properly captured for posterity.   Ok so a parent may well have a camcorder running from somewhere at the side or indeed  everyone else will be busy holding up their smartphones.

And of course, there is a place for that.  I get that parents will want a record of everything their small person does. Sometimes schools do have professional DVDs made. That too is also great and definitely something that parents will want to treasure.

School Musicals

So what about the music?  Schools often put in huge amounts of time, and money, into rehearsing the music for a show and either bring in professional musicians to play on the night or, more often, the teachers put together a band.  Certainly a lot of the school musicals I have been to over the years, at a wide range of schools from state funded to grammar and independents, have pretty much without exception all been brilliant in their own way.

Any school which has the time and resources to put on a musical is therefore probably by definition going to do it well.  In order to put on a musical over a play or similar performance, you need added talent of pupils that can both sing and act and you need a competent music staff to pull together a decent band on the night.


To put on a musical takes even longer than just putting on a play for the reasons described above.  As well as learning lines and acting roles the pupils have to learn songs too.  As well as that, most of the songs will have some, often complex, choreography to go alongside them.

Given all this extra preparation and of course the fun which will be had singing the songs, it therefore makes a lot of sense to record the singing.   Not only that your school can then sell the album either as a CD or digitally and make a small profit from album sales.

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