Recording Funeral Services

Funeral Services

Phone rings : “Hello good morning, I’ve got a slightly odd request for you.  Would it be possible for you to record a funeral service?”

This request is in fact not as odd or unusual as you might at first think.  So much so, that it has now happened a few times, to the point where we thought it might be a good idea to actually advertise the fact that we can record Church Services.

Why record a Funeral?

In the majority of cases where we have been engaged to record Funerals, it is to enable relatives living abroad (particularly far afield such as New Zealand) to listen to the service, and I suppose in particular the eulogy as it happened.  It’s all very well just sending out a transcript but actually human emotion is such that we like to hear people saying things rather than just reading words on a screen.

How to manage the setup

If we are engaged to record a funeral or church service it will come as no surprise that we do not bring the full engineering desk and mobile studio.  Ultimately it is a church service and a very important one and the last thing anyone wants is some idiot wandering around with a load of microphones and laying cables everywhere.

Church Interior
Spot the Microphones…

As an organist myself I have probably attended more services, weddings and funerals than most people and therefore respect the fact that any recording of a church service needs to be discreet.  Usually we can put up a couple of microphones to one side which will capture the hymn singing and then find a way of putting a microphone near the pulpit or lectern to capture any speech.

By taking a smaller recording rig I can usually sit out of the way to one side, or in one case on the floor almost under the organ bench, which means minimal disruption to either the proceedings or indeed people’s line of sight.

sound engineer
Sound Engineer on location

What audio output is supplied?

Following the service we will supply an audio master CD and access to the files online which means your relatives abroad can log in and listen to the service usually within 24 hours of it happening.

To find out more about our location recording services for Funerals, Weddings and other Church events please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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