School CD Artwork Design – using the correct template

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When it comes to the design your CD artwork, getting the look right is important as it’s the first thing your customers will see.

The majority of our School CDs will have a front cover design created by one of your pupils.  This gives the CD a unique look and we feel makes it more personal to your school.  It also gives your pupils a chance to get involved in the production process.

Run a competition

In order to find the right cover for your CD, your school can run a competition to design the front of the booklet which will form the front of your CD when packaged in the Jewel Case.   To help with this we can provide you with a template.  All you need to do is print off some copies, hand out to your pupils and wait to see what designs they come up with. To find the CD front cover template, head on over to the download section of our website.

On the day of your recording all you need to do is give us the winning design and our team of graphic designers will scan the image and include it on your CD.  In some cases we can include a number of different designs either on the back of the CD packaging or in the booklet.

Design your own

Sometimes schools prefer to design their own artwork, either incorporating a pupil design as above or perhaps using photographs and other images.     This is equally a good option but you will need to use slightly different templates.  Again these can be found on our download page.  Just a word of warning, the templates are designed for use by reasonably experienced graphic designers. That’s not to say that anyone can’t have a go – but do please make sure that you switch off the template layer before submitting your design and also ensure it has a 3mm bleed where appropriate.   The final piece of artwork should be submitted as a PDF formatted as CMYK for printing.

If all of this sounds like utter nonsense then first of all we apologise.  But don’t panic. You can still have your own design on the CD but if you are struggling with the technicalities of turning it into a digital image, then have a word with our design team.  They are a nice bunch and can usually take your images and ideas and turn them into a digital reality from which your CDs can be created.

In Summary

There is no right or wrong way to go about creating your CD artwork.   If you can do it yourself then please do – but if you need any help at any stage, then just get in touch.   Our graphic designers are, compared to most, a fair tame bunch and they are always happy to try and help out where needed.   Give us a call and we should be able to work out the best solution for you.

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