Getting ready for Christmas

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From the beginning of September our Mobile Recording rig will be out and about all over the UK recording Xmas CDs for Schools.

For schools, and indeed choirs, Christmas usually begins from early September.   Ok the festive decorations and the tree might still be tucked away for some weeks to come, but preparations will already be afoot for Nativities, Christmas concerts and Carol Services.  Indeed an old teacher of mine used to tell me he would usually be sat on a beach in Italy at the beginning of the Summer holidays thinking about the School Carol Service.

Why should your school record a Christmas CD?

Regardless of the musical tradition at your school, the majority of music making does tend to occur around Christmas.  As mentioned above there are all the usual carol services and Christmas concerts.   And so it makes a lot of sense to record a Christmas flavoured CD.

For a start you will already be rehearsing and learning the songs, so to record them on CD is in many ways a relatively straightforward task.   Yes, I agree it does sometimes mean learning the Christmas songs for a little earlier in the term so we can get the recording done and have time to produce CDs.   The majority of schools will record in October and November.   Often, however, we get so busy that we are still recording in the second week of December. But yes, it is still possible even then to get the CDs to you by the end of term.

Earning potential from CD Sales

Fundraising is often one of the main reasons why a school will record a CD with us.   There is a lot of money to be made too.  Even from sales of just 150 CDs your school stands to generate an income of £1500 with profits of around £400.   That’s not too shabby when you consider there is no upfront cost to your school.

With our pricing being a falling scale depending on the amount of CDs you order, there is scope to earn thousands of pounds for your school.   Once you start selling 300-400 CDs your profit is going to be nearer £3,000.  And for any school that’s a lot of money! Bear in mind there is no financial risk and no upfront cost to your school.

How to find out more

Our job at 4 Part Music is to make it as easy as possible for schools to work with us.  We don’t send out long contracts. We don’t expect you to speak to someone in a call centre.   We are a small company for whom our reputation for excellence is key.   Our company is not just staffed by a bunch of sound engineers.  Our team is made up of musicians and engineers.   We understand the music as well as the technology.

So if you would like to talk about recording a Christmas CD in your school then we would love to hear from you.  We record in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools as well as University choirs.   You can reach us by telephone on 01225 302143 or if you prefer click here and send us an email.

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