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As well as recording Schools and Choirs, 4 Part Music are building a reputation for high quality recordings with Brass Bands.  Now we are aware that not all bands like to be referred to as Brass Bands. So we quickly correct ourselves to say that we also record Silver Bands and Concert Bands too!

Christmas is a busy time for all musicians and hearing a band play Christmas carols and festive songs while you are out and about in December is a glorious sound.   It is always a joy to hear live music performed in comparison to 1 Christmas CD on constant loop which seems to play in most shops from about around early October.  A Band is always such a delightfully warm sound and, for me certainly, is always comforting to hear on a cold winters day when everyone is walking around wrapped up in coats and scarves.

Why Record a Christmas CD?

It’s probably fairly safe to bet that your Band schedule is already looking quite booked up for Christmas.  Most band members that we know have engagements every weekend and probably one or two during the week too.   This means you have the perfect captive audience to sell your Christmas CDs to.

When to record?

The most popular times to record a Christmas CD with your Brass Band is usually October / November so the CDs are ready in time for Christmas or in January.  By recording in the early part of the new year, the Christmas repertoire is still fresh but you probably have more chance of getting all your band members together.

How long does it take?

Most Bands we record on location will spend an entire weekend recording.  The choice of venue is up to you.  We have written a few articles on how best to find a suitable venue.  The most important things to check are first sufficient space for your band (obviously!) and also make sure it’s somewhere quiet.  We realise that bands are not known for being quiet, but nevertheless traffic noise outside a venue could still ruin your CD recording.

The most difficult thing is making sure all your band members can commit to the entire weekend.  Sometimes we will record 2 sessions over two different weekends just to ensure as many people as possible can take part. It’s also important to make sure that you have the same balance between the two recording sessions otherwise the tracks will sound slightly different.

Find out more about Recording a CD

4 Part Music work on location all over the UK recording Brass, Silver and Concert Bands.  To find out just how easy it is to record a Christmas CD with your band, then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.


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