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Recording session

How does the School CD Recording session work?

Songs chosen and rehearsed, recording day booked and our sound team have arrived at your school really early and set up. It’s nearly time for your recording session.  School children arrive and are registered as normal, then everyone assembles in the hall for the first track of the day! Your normal School hall has been transformed into the Mobile Recording Studio by many microphone stands and the clever box of electronics that plug into the computer and your sound system. Its all a bit exciting and the recording artists are often a bit awestruck. Sometimes the children are so concerned with not making any extra noises they actually forget to sing!

The start of the day

Our team of engineers say hello and introduce themselves.  This is usually a good time to  remind you that we require silence before and after each take, as whispering and shuffling either end of your fabulous singing will be picked up and makes your recording sound unprofessional.  Most pupils are absolutely fabulous at this, it’s often the adults we record that give more trouble.  Nevertheless there are alway a few who need to be reminded. Often it is the barely contained excitement of recording, and all the effort you have put into your that lead to squeals of joy and even applause…

The first run through of each song is for us to set levels and adjust microphones and positions as needed. Then, before long we are ready for the first take. If it goes really well, we may get the track down in one take, but if there is anything you want to improve, there is time to do it again, before we move onto your next song.

Organising your School Day

The logistics of the day depend on what you have chosen to record. We do not need you to record in the track list order you wish to have on your CD. Often whole school songs are best in the morning when everyone is fresh, or straight after lunch. Your final track order can be decided on the day when you have finished recording, or via email   soon after.
The early years children are more awake in the morning, so if possible, we record these in the morning. However, is the are other activities in school that day then you can organise timings to fit round your school schedule.

If you have a school choir that would like to record we will re-organise the studio for a more intimate sound. Your school choir is often made up of those children who really love singing and it is important that their efforts are recorded with more time given to getting their music just right. They will be very proud of their songs and contribution to your school CD.

Sometimes there are soloists and we will arrange for these to be mic’d up individually. Then we will mix their tracks in with the rest of the choir/school when we are back in the production studio.

If you have been recording all day and need the hall for lunch we will move the recording equipment out the way for the dinner staff to feed everyone! After lunch we will start recording again and carry on until the end of your school day.

Once the children have left is the time for the staff to have a go and record a track of their own that will delight the children. We like hearing the staff sing, and this often adds a special something extra to your school CD: after all you are all very much part of the school!


By the time all the songs are sung and recorded, and we are happy that we have all the takes that we need, we can focus on your CD artwork. Most schools will run a completion to design the front cover and we love to see all your entries. We can include as many designs as you want in the booklet so other favourites can be included. Photos of your school children that you have taken during the day, or a school photo that you all love can also be added. Your CD title is completely up to you and you may even like to compose a few words to go inside the CD booklet; a message from the Head or music teacher?

We will collate all you artwork and produce your CD cover. We will send this to you for approval before we print your disks.  At this point, all we need to know is how many you want!

Once the artwork is agreed and a quantity decided upon, it takes about a week from when you are happy and we know how many to produce for your CDs to arrive at your school for you to sell!

To find out just how easy it is to record a CD at your School then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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