Recording Cirencester Male Voice Choir – Part 2

Cirencester Male Choir

Last night we were back on location in the Parish Church of John the Baptist in Cirencester for the second part of our recording with Cirencester Male Voice Choir.

The Venue

It’s always easier when you go back to set up for a second recording session in a venue which is known. It’s even easier when you are setting up to record the same choir.   That said, one of the most important things about 2 recording sessions which are a few weeks apart is making sure that we create an identical setup to match in with the previous recording.

sound engineer
Shelly setting up on location

Luckily with the aid of photographs we were able to put all the microphones back in the same place.  Floor tiles can be particularly helpful when making sure the stand goes exactly where it went before.

Installing the choir

The same is true for the choir. If you are recording on more than one occasion, it’s important to make sure, as far as possible, that you have the same choir members in attendance. Assuming that to be the case then it’s also important to place them in the same positions as before.  Luckily I had taken a photo of the choir as they were standing and so the men were shepherded into position by the Choir Chairman!

Obvious if you are proposing to cut between takes from two different sessions you really do need an identical setup.  With amateur and community choirs this is not always possible but it is always best to be as close as possible in terms of the voices in attendance and the setup so that all the tracks match together on the final album.

We did have a couple of voices missing at the second session but hopefully the overall balance will remain broadly the same.

Recording Session
CVMC Rehearsing mid session

Recording the Piano

The acoustic of Cirencester Parish Church is in many ways not ideal.   It is very difficult to hear one side of the choir from the other, and if you attend a concert the chances are if you sit further back than row 4 you won’t hear anything.

However the Parish church has one big thing going for it and that is the Yamaha Grand piano.  It was decided after much deliberation that the choir would record in the church to take advantage of this outstanding instrument.  It is also the venue where the choir rehearse so they are familiar with the curiosity of the acoustic.

Yamaha Piano
Yamaha Grand Piano

As before Cirencester MVC was accompanied by the outstanding Miss Lorraine Wild who has been the accompanist for a couple of years now.   To make things easier we rigged up a mic for Jules to talk directly to Lorraine during the recording session – mostly the men wondered what they were whispering about. I suspect they would have all been disappointed!

Lorraine Wild
Lorraine Wild – Accompanist

We had a great time recording with the fabulous Gents of Cirencester MVC who were hospitable and kind as always.   The album is now in production and should be available in the next few weeks.

If you would like to record a CD or digital album with your Male Voice Choir then please get in touch.  You can reach us by phone on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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