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High Street

You might imagine that January is a quiet month for us.  We are all used to seeing signs promoting January Sales with retailers heavily discounting items in order to attract shoppers in after the Christmas period. But of course as we all know the high street is changing.   The news for the last few years has been full of tales of woe highlighting the difficulties faced by the traditional high street retailer.  Mostly this seems to be due to the increased trend towards making purchases online.

The rise of online shopping

Of course ultimately this is inevitable.   I heard an interview on Radio 4 recently where a shopkeeper was saying that people often go into his store to try clothing on. Having established the correct fit, they then leave the shop to go and find the particular item cheaper online.   This is of course particularly an issue if you are a department store selling a wide range of goods.  With the popularity of sites such as Amazon and the convenience of delivery to your door or a nearby ‘locker’ / collection point many people are turning to the internet as their preferred choice for shopping.

As well as the convenience, price is also a significant factor.  Many online stores have lower overheads and can therefore pass on savings to the customer.  Ive come across some retailers who even encourage you to buy on their website and have items delivered to their store for free.  Of course this works if you want a specific item which only that retailer stocks / makes and so therefore they do not run the risk of losing your custom by sending you online.  Or do they? This of course assumes a certain about of customer loyalty.

Online versus offline

For us as a recording company we do all our promotion online.  It is the obvious solution, as a High Street presence doesn’t work if you want to promote yourself nationally – well not if, like us, you are a small company!  So the internet is our best route to finding clients.

We therefore use January as a time to tidy up our online presence – tweak the website and start readying ourselves for the recordings throughout the year.   In fact just two weeks into 2019 we have already booked 20 or more recordings and so the year is shaping up to be another good one for us.   Nevertheless as a small business you can never sit back on your laurels and just ‘hope for the best’.

Our plans for 2019

One of the main developments we are making for 2019 is to address the issue of CD versus digital download.   For the moment we have devised a solution which gives both  options.   Increasingly lots of end users are telling us they don’t have CD players and would prefer to receive audio files as digital downloadable entities.   But many of our clients, schools and choirs in particular still look to sell physical products to parents or concert goers, and for this purpose the CD is ideal.

To try and satisfy everyone and tick all these boxes, all our CDs now include details of how to obtain the digital files which can then be played via your iPod / Smartphone or similar device just as you would use for Apple Music or Spotify.    This is still very much work in progress but we have developed a solution based on consultation with our client base and for the moment this option should work for most eventualities.

If you would like to find out more about how easy it is to record a CD / Digital album with your School, Choir or Band then why not give us a call on 01225 302143. If you prefer you can click here to email us


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