Recording Church Services

Our core business is recording Schools, Choirs and Bands or Orchestras on location all over the UK using our mobile studio.  For this we turn up with a plethora of microphones and a van load of equipment and set up a studio in the recording venue.  In most cases this will be a school hall, a community centre or a church.

Recording Church Services

As well as recording choirs in churches, which range from church choirs to school choirs and community groups we are sometimes asked to come in and record church services.   Generally speaking this will be for Weddings or Funerals rather than the usual weekly service.  Regardless of the type of service, the key with such occasions is discretion.


Nowadays most people have their weddings video’d and photographed from every conceivable angle and so there is little call for just an audio recording. Nevertheless from time to time we have been asked to record the audio – particularly capturing the detail of people exchanging vows.   At this point we are working more like a location sound crew and generally need to employ a boom arm to get the microphone into the right place.  This is all very well but can be a little unsightly.

We can also set up microphones discretely by the lecture to capture details of the readings and we have a Soundfield Microphone which will do an excellent job of recording the hymn singing.


Recording a Funeral service requires the same, if not more discretion.  Generally speaking you would not expect a Funeral to be photographed – although I know a professional photographer who has been asked to provide this service on more than one occasion. Nevertheless it is rare for obvious reasons.   However, an audio recording of a funeral service can be a god way of remembering the service.   We are often asked to pay particular attention to the Eulogy.

One of the most common reasons people ask us to record a funeral service is for those occasions when overseas relatives are unable to attend in person.   By capturing a professional quality recording of the service, this can be shared digitally so that these relatives can share in the service even if they are unable to be there.

Discrete Setup

Of course when it comes to recording a church service, we have a somewhat different set up to our usual mobile studio.   We are extremely conscious that microphones should be carefully placed so they are almost hidden from view but at the same time paying attention to the job in hand to ensure we get the best quality recording possible given the restrictions.  For the most part we set up as few microphones as possible whilst maintaining coverage of the key points.  This will include the vicar, the lectern as well as provision to capture any hymn singing.

Cable runs are also even more critical than usual, we have to ensure not only the cables are safe but also, as far as possible, hidden from view.  Luckily in most churches this is fairly easy and we can normally run cables around the edge of the building out of the way of congregation and clergy.  Instead of setting up a sound desk, we have a much more portable solution which takes up very little space and can be operated by a sound Engineer sitting on a chair or, as has happened before, sitting on the floor!

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If you would like to discuss recording a service, whether that’s a funeral, wedding or baptism perhaps then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.




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