Getting Your Music Online: Top 5 Platforms for Independent Musicians

Putting your music up online is a fantastic way to get your work heard by more people. An online presence lets your music reach more ears, from fans to music execs. Thanks to the convenience of music websites and streaming platforms, you won’t have to spend days or weeks promoting your work on foot like in the old days. You have a variety of platforms to choose from when you’re self-publishing.


For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the best digital music platforms indie musicians can use for uploading, sharing and promoting music online. Each platform has its own set of features and offerings, so you will eventually need to take a closer look at them and get to know them in greater detail. Once you master them, you will have some very powerful tools at your fingertips to connect with a larger audience. Let’s get started!


Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming sites with a massive audience. It’s a great platform for independent musicians because listeners can get to know them through the “Discover” feature as well as the “Release Radar” when they’re looking for similar music. When you get your music on Spotify, your music sits side by side with those of other musicians in your genre.


SoundCloud is often the first music platform that independent musicians go to when getting their music up for the world to listen to. It’s easy to use and also comes with premium options to make your music more visible. Even established music artists continue to upload tracks on the platform so fans can stream a new single for free. The SoundCloud community is very supportive too!


Indie musicians and emerging artists shouldn’t be afraid of video to promote their music. If you haven’t got a professionally made music video yet, now’s a great time to get started. Even a well-directed jamming session can score a lot of views online. The platform of choice when it comes to video is YouTube. Many musicians rise to great worldwide acclaim because of a video posted up on the platform, and it won’t hurt for you to do the same. 

Your video content doesn’t even have to be purely music videos. You can make short clips about your band’s recording session, a brief feature about your favorite electric or bass guitar, band member introductions, how you formed your band, the music artists that inspired you and other content that fans may find interesting.


Bandcamp is one of the best platforms for independent artists, especially those with a niche following. What’s great about Bandcamp is that it promotes not only free streaming, but also financial support for artists. If you can only choose just one platform for getting your music online, going on Bandcamp is a great way to start. If you’re building your mailing list (and you should), you can do so by offering a free download of your music in exchange for signups.

Before Spotify came along, there was where you could discover artists in the same genre. It’s helped us build our own music library of songs by both up-and-coming and established groups. It’s still very much relevant today, and something that independent musicians can definitely consider when getting their music online. Fans who have discovered your music through the online radio’s scribbling feature.

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About the Author: This guest post was written by Jennifer Hughes who is a blogger at Know Your Instrument

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