The start of a new Academic year

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is a time of new beginnings – the start of a new school year and a new choir term

For anyone in academia, September is generally regarded as the beginning of another new year.   In the UK at least, the weather also tends to adjust itself and almost overnight becomes more autumnal.  As I sit in my studio writing this, outside the leaves are turning a slight tinge of yellow, there are signs it has recently rained and the skies are grey.   This brings to mind The Mamas & The Papas song, ‘All the leaves are brown’.

New beginnings

Despite not holding any form of academic post, I too still see September as a time of new beginnings.  My school days are now far too many years ago but nevertheless I can still remember the flurry of excitement of a new term or maybe a new school.   I have mixed feelings about my schools days on the whole, but can nevertheless clearly remember my first day at every school I attended.   The chances are in each case it was a slightly grey and damp English morning, rather like it is today.

Now, some 30 years later, I am the one taking my daughter to school and she has just started in Year 2, which apparently is very exciting!  Like any parent I really enjoy taking my daughter to school. Aside of bringing back memories of my own school days, the short walk to school in the morning gives me a chance to reflect on the changing seasons.  At the moment everything is still green but there are signs that before much longer, the path will be covered in leaves.  Then the trees will become bare until the daffodils appear in the Spring.

Planning for Q3

Turning away from academia for a moment and putting my business hat on, those in the corporate world generally believe the year starts in April.  For them rather than autumn or michaelmas, we are currently approaching Quarter 3 of the financial year.  Basically somewhere in the middle of things where nothing perhaps of particular note might happen.  This seems to lack any sense of nostalgia or relation to our surroundings.  For me, at least,  this fact alone perhaps explains why I prefer to run things according to the academic year rather than the business year.   In a business where the majority of our work is focussed on schools and choirs, there seems little sense in operating anything other than in line with the academic year.

Choirs and Schools

Like schools, most choirs that I have worked with tend to take a break over the summer.  This means that in September a lot of choirs are returning to their rehearsal rooms looking ahead to a new season of singing together.   And again, like schools, many of them will arrive back to find new members amongst the group, or will be gearing up to put on open evenings to attract new singers.

Therefore, when your business is almost exclusively devoted to choirs and schools, it is hard to imagine anything other than September representing the start of a new year.  Maybe I am slightly odd or just nostalgic.  But there is just something about sight of conkers, autumnal leaves and a grey sky which always makes me think of new beginnings.

If you are looking for ideas to enhance your new academic or choir year, how about making a recording?   It’s probably a lot cheaper than you might think and it’s very easy to organise.    Most schools and choirs we work with will make a nice tidy profit from sales of CDs and have a great time recording them.

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