Last few dates remaining for School Christmas CDs

Christmas 2019

This year we are busier than ever recording School Christmas Albums.  There are now only a few available spaces left if you want to record in November

Year on year our recording business has grown  to the point that we are now so busy recording Christmas albums in schools there are only a few dates left in November.   This of course, is great news for us, but maybe an issue if your school is still hoping to record a CD or digital album to be ready in time for Christmas.

Sell your Recording online

November is traditionally our busiest month of the year for recording School CDs.   With the long awaited arrival of our online shop, schools and choirs can now sell digital copies of their album online too.   This is a great innovation from 4 Part Music and was in response to customer demand and our desire to bring our business bang up to date.  The only thing, is this has made us busier than ever.  Great for us, but does mean schools need to get their dates booked soon to avoid disappointment.

Record in November

The challenge for schools wanting to record a Christmas CD is one of timing.   One way to work out when to record is to work backwards from the date you need the CDs.   For most schools this will either be the end of term or, more likely, the date of their Christmas Fair.

It takes around 2 weeks to deliver CDs to your school following the recording day.  It can be done in a week but this would require the artwork being agreed at the time of the recording as well as an order quantity being confirmed.

If you work backwards from the date you need the CDs, this generally tends to be a date mid / late November.   This is great if you get in first, but of course the challenge is that most schools Christmas Fairs are around the same sort of time.  So on that basis we could probably record in about 20 schools all on the same day.

Our Availability

You can always check our availability for recording at your school using our online calendar. This is visible on every page of our website and always right up to date.

You are only ever as good as your last job….

Now of course, we could create more availability by employing more people to do our recordings.  I get calls all the time from Sound Engineers wanting to offer their services on a contract basis.  But the answer is always no.   Obviously no business ever wants to turn work away.   Nevertheless, our reputation is paramount.  My personal motto for business is ‘You are only ever as good as your last job’.

By undertaking all the recordings myself, I maintain control of the high standard we are renowned for.  This cannot ever be underestimated.    In business you only ever get one chance, and nowhere is this more relevant than the world of recordings.

Keeping a Copy

Whether we are recording a School or a Choir, there is only one chance to get it right.  Once we press stop at the end of the recording session, we are being entrusted with the data.  For this reason we are paranoid about backing things up and before anything is stopped or turned off, a second (and often third copy) is made on site before we leave.   As soon as we get back to the studio, even if it’s 1am the first thing I do is back up the back up onto our Studio machines.

To find out more about our recording services for Schools and Choirs, please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us

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