The end of 2019 and the end of a Decade

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Looking back on the decade that was and ahead into the Twenties.  Most importantly wishing all our customers and suppliers a very Happy New Year

A lot has happened in 10 years whilst in some areas nothing has changed at all.   Back in 2010, the company was only 6 years old, and still very much in infancy.   We did our very first recording back in 2004 where we focussed a lot on organ music.   Indeed for the first few years we went round offering free recordings to any organist and choir who would have us, in order to prove the quality of our recording gear and our abilities to properly record on location.    In fact one of our earliest recordings was the choir of Peterborough Cathedral when they came to give a concert at St Matthew’s in Northampton.

Back in 2010, our focus was very much on choirs and organs.  This is still very important today and our work with choirs in particular is increasing year on year.  Perhaps the most noticeable change in our business over the last decade has been the work we now do in schools.  Ten years ago, our sister company Recordings 4 Schools didn’t even exist.  Now it forms a significant portion of our recording business which again is growing year on year.

Sticking with the 4 Brand, we also added Recordings 4 Choirs and Recordings 4 Bands to our family of websites.  This has helped to clarify the different arms of our business and provide an easy way for different clients to find us online.  In fact our schools website currently is one of the busiest and gets increasing traffic year on year.

One of the biggest changes we have noticed over the decade is the way in which music is distributed.  Spotify was launched back in 2008 but has grown steadily throughout the last decade as the ‘go to’ source for music.   In 2015 Apple Music followed. HMV nearly went into administration and now almost all music is consumed online in some form or other.   In order to respond to this development over the last decade we have increasingly offered digital audio in place of CDs.   Our recordings have always been digital ever since we started in 2004 but increasingly clients are asking just for the digital files in place of regular CDs.

That’s not always the case and in 2019 we produced in excess of 20,000 CDs throughout the course of the year.   The majority of schools still buy CDs as do the choirs we work with. However, nowadays we also offer a digital copy alongside the CD.   The chances are by the end of the next decade the CD may be headed towards extinction.  Either way the recording will still need to be captured which is our main focus.   Whatever the next ten years bring to you, from everyone here at 4 Part Music I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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