Record a Fundraising CD at school this term

School fundraising

As schools around the UK prepare to open their doors to pupils on Monday so we gear up for a busy season of School Recordings

With half term drawing to a close for a lot of schools, this weekend pupils and teachers alike will be preparing themselves for the return to school on Monday.  Whilst our business operates all year round, to some extent we are affected by school terms. Obviously our work with schools is based around the school term. But equally a lot of choirs tend to follow a term system broadly aligned to schools. As a result we have to pay attention to when school terms begin and end so we are prepared accordingly.

School Fundraising Ideas

We are only too well aware that schools are constantly being bombarded with adverts to sell promotional items.  Apparently the most popular ‘fundraising’ items for schools are tea towels, Christmas Cards and mugs.  Yes sure, your children can probably draw a picture to be stuck on the mug but it’s not really the most interesting thing in the world is it?

And so we came up with something a little different.   Selling CDs is a great way to fundraise for your school. Like tea towels and mugs the pupils can also help to design the cover.   In fact  our CDs often contain lots of examples of pupil artwork.  In our view the most important thing about a school project is that as many people as possible should be involved.

Recording a School CD

The process of recording a fundraising CD in your school is fairly straightfoward.  The most important thing is that ideally the whole school should be involved – teachers too.  For this reason the majority of our school recordings take place in Primary Schools.

The premise is fairly simple.   We spend a day at your school, recording your pupils singing songs or playing instruments (or perhaps a combination of both).  Meanwhile your pupils help design the CD cover. A few days later professionally produced CDs are delivered to school.

Fundraising for your School

With prices starting at less than £5 all inclusive, CDs can then be sold to parents and friends.  On average schools will sell CDs for anything between £6 and £10 each.   Depending on what price you choose to sell the CDs for, your school could make anything from £200 to £1000 in clear profit.

What’s more, there is no upfront cost to our school recordings.  We invoice you once the CDs are ready for despatch to the school.  Most schools will generally ‘pre sell’ CDs to the parents.

No CD player? No problem!

Of course we are well aware that nowadays CDs are rapidly becoming an outdated way of playing music.   However, as you would expect from the market leader in mobile recordings, we thought of that too.

At no extra charge, all our CDs now include free Digital access to the files.   Every CD will include a code allowing you to ‘purchase’ a digital copy of the album from our online shop for free.

If it’s digital why do we need the CD?

A CD is ultimately just a delivery method for the audio. With this being a school project, the important thing is to have something tangible as a keep sake.   If we just supplied a digital file, they can soon become buried away in a computer system and ultimately in years to come you may not have anything to remember your School Recording with.

By producing CDs, the most important element is the packaging. All our CDs include at least a 4 page booklet which gives you scope to include more pieces of artwork along with information about the school and why you recorded the CD. It is also marked up with the date of the recording and in some cases includes photos of the recording session.

Lots of schools record CDs to celebrate a particular moment in the school history. It might be that your Head Teacher is retiring or you are celebrating an important anniversary.

Whatever your motive for making a recording, our CDs are more than just a record of what happened.  They mark a moment in time and, we hope, end up being something which pupils and teachers can treasure for years to come.

To find out more you can give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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