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Mobile recording service for funeral services on location anywhere in the UK

The last business we were involved in before the UK entered lockdown was to record a funeral service in Ovingdean, East Sussex.

The initial request came before there were too many restrictions as a result of COVD-19 although it was already something of concern to the nation.    Of course for the moment all church services (apart from funerals are banned). But nevertheless we cannot go out and do any recording.  However, once life returns to normal, there is still a good case for recording at a funeral service.

Why record a Funeral?

Obviously we need to look away from the current situation in the UK and around the world as no one is currently allowed to attend anything.   But assuming life does return to some sense of normality, the main reason we have been asked to record funerals is for family members unable to attend.

Typically this will be family who now live abroad or who are unable to attend due to work or other personal commitments.

By recording the audio feed of a funeral, focussing particularly on the spoken elements you can now share this with family far and wide.  Our aim is to produce a quality akin to a BBC Radio Broadcast meaning you can clearly hear everything which is said during the service.   We will also capture the music elements – if you are playing a CD at the service then we can typically digitally enhance this for the final production.

How to maintain a balance between quality and discretion

The quality of our recordings is always paramount. Indeed, regardless of the situation if someone is contacting a professional recording company, they are going to expect professional results.

This means that microphone placement is key.   Where possible if we are recording a funeral we try to keep the number of microphones to a minimum.  One way of achieving this is by trying to have all the spoken parts of the service given from the same place.  This means we can usually put a microphone discretely by a lecturn so as not to distract the eye.   Also as far as possible we use coloured cabling to match (where possible) the colour of the carpet.

At the last job in Ovingdean, the carpet was red and so we used red cable.  In this instance I set up the sound desk in a side chapel which was not in view for anyone and ran a red cable from the lectern into the side chapel. Essentially this meant it had to go right across the altar step.  But by using the correct colour cable there was almost nothing visible for the congregation as you can see from the pictures below.

Supplying the Audio

After the service we aim to provide mastered files within 2-3 days.  Typically this will either be a quantity of CDs or we can make a digital copy of the files available online via a password protected web page.   This enables you to share the funeral service with those who were unable to attend in person.  It can also serve as a memory to treasure for future generations.

If you would like to find out more about our options for recording a funeral then please get in touch or call us on 01225 302143

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