The benefits of a Professional Recording Company


Whilst we specialise in location recordings for Choirs, Schools and Bands, there are many other types of recording we get involved in

4 Part Music was set up primarily to record Choirs, Schools and Brass Bands.    Most of our recordings result in CDs and / or digital albums being produced.  The Choir, band or school can then sell albums to concert goers, supporters and parents in order to fundraise for their organisation.

Recording Choirs, Schools and Bands

The principle of this is ultimately fairly simple.  We charge a per CD fee which includes all the recording, mastering and production costs.  Your group can then sell CDs on at a profit.  Depending on how many CDs you purchase, they will cost somewhere in the region of £5-£8.  With an average sale price of £10 you can easily earn £500+ in profit. in fact a lot of choirs and bands who commit to 500 CDs will earn in excess of £1000 in profit for their group.

Other Recordings on location

Ultimately our ‘brief’ for want of a better word, is a location recording company. By that, I mean we record anywhere in the UK in a variety of venues to suit our clients.  Sometimes this might also be known as field recording – although strictly speaking that is more a term for film sound.  In such cases you often are out in a field.

We have been involved with a handful of outdoor recordings, but this would not be something we would particularly specialise in.  Primarily any music outdoors which is not properly amplified always runs the risk of being lost anyway!

That said, we do from time to time, get involved in a selection of different types of recording.   Unusual, is perhaps the wrong word. Nevertheless, we are often called on to do something slightly outside of our mainstream recordings for choirs, bands and orchestras.

Examples of this include:

  • Recording Audio Books
  • Recording GCSE and A-Level music submissions
  • Recording Weddings and Funerals

Why use a Professional Recording company?

Regardless of the type of recording we are involved in, the most important thing is to always do the best job we can.   But the thing is, it’s not always just about the quality of audio.  Yes of course that is always our priority – after all we cannot be in business if we are not offering a top quality product.  But for a lot of our customers, it’s about more than that.

The quality of the audio recording is a given.   We wouldn’t be in business otherwise.  What we also need to provide is a professional service too.

For example we have recently been asked to record some GCSE and A Level compositions for schools. This involves video and audio recordings generally.   For us this is run of the mill stuff and not difficult.   We can turn up for a day, record all your students and have the audio and video files back to you within 48 hours all properly processed with the relevant titles and in the required format.

Teachers are busy people and they have enough to do without faffing around with video trying to download things off cameras and phones in order to meet deadlines with exam boards.

So regardless of whether you are a choir, a band or a school, if you want the hassle free option then why not get in touch today.

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