Recording on Location – The Common Sense approach

stay alert

On Sunday it seems, certainly in England, the Government’s message is changing from ‘Stay at Home’ to ‘Be Alert’.

The purpose of this blog post is not to analyse, or even comment on, the governments approach to managing the Coronavirus situation in the UK.   Rather it is simply a few thoughts on how we can continue to run our business over the coming weeks and months.


For the past 7 or more weeks, like everyone, we have been locked down at home.  This has had a hugely negative effect on our business.  In fact all our future work has been cancelled for the foreseeable future.   As a small Limited company we are not able to claim any government aid or grants.   As a Director of said company, I personally do not qualify for any form of state handout. In fact the only option open to us is possibly a business loan.   But this is not at all feasible as currently our business cannot say when it might return to any form of normality.

This is obviously causing us significant difficulty but, so far at least, is not about to close us down.  In fact to an extent the company can just sit quietly until all this is over and resume trading.  The company has no debt and no liability which I am aware, compared to many, is a significant bonus.

That said, on a personal level, bills still need to be paid.  And so therefore, like anyone I am keen to try and find ways in which to slowly ‘return to work’ at least on some small level.

Be Alert and use Common Sense

This appears to be the new message from the Government.  Not wishing to get into any sort of political debate here, there is a certain merit to this approach.   We are, as far as I can tell, being trusted to make sensible and appropriate decisions whilst bearing in mind the dangers of the Coronavirus disease.   Whether this approach can work on a national level remains to be seen, but I for one am prepared to go along with it and, hopefully, act as a responsible citizen.

Earlier today I was asked to record a funeral service to be held at a Crematorium.  This is actually not as unusual a request as you might think. Mostly it is relatives living abroad who want to hear the priests words and particularly the eulogy.  The job is simple – record the service and then provide CDs or Digital copies of the audio which can be shared with relatives worldwide.

Can you record on location?

In the vast majority of cases we cannot do this for the foreseeable future.  Schools are still not back and choirs are quite possibly not going to return for a year or more.  So even if we wanted to, there is nothing we can do at the moment.   There is some hope that schools might return with a slight more sense of normality in September.  Whether this means they will be able to record singing or anything musical remains to be seen.

For now, as has been the case since March, we don’t actually have any clients we can offer that sort of recording to even if it were allowed and even if we were able to.

However, Funeral services may well be an exception.   And this is where the common sense approach comes in.  To record audio at a funeral service (outside) requires just 1 or possibly 2 microphones.  These can be set up before anyone arrives (whilst wearing PPE) and then I can run cables (safely) back to a vehicle parked 50 – 100m away and record whilst sat isolated inside the vehicle.  I do not need to come into contact with any one at any point.  At then end once everyone has left I retrieve the microphones and leave.

As to whether we actually do any recording on this basis, or indeed are requested to do so, will depend entirely on the individual circumstances and further announcements in the coming weeks.  However, it is certainly a step towards something becoming possible.

If you would like to discuss how to record your event, then please get in touch and we will investigate the current options

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