Choirs moving online – the rise of the virtual choir

virtual choirs

Like it or not, virtual choirs are rapidly becoming the norm.  As lockdowns around the UK start to ease in some form, there is no indication of when choirs might see any sense of ‘normal

For the majority of this week, the entire nation has become obsessed with the lockdown actions of one man, namely Dominic Cummings.   Now, as this blog is not a place for political comment, I do not propose to weigh in on that debate.  Regardless of which side of the argument you come down on, it does concern me, that to some extent, this whole issue has rather moved us away from other matters of equal or perhaps some might argue greater importance.

The media, taken as a whole, is like or not intrenched in our daily lives.  But it does seem that on the whole the media is incapable of multi tasking. For the last couple of years the only news they gave us was Brexit – and look where that got us.   If the current noises from Brussels are anything to go by, I fear that once Coronavirus is further down the menu then we will get another helping of Brexit news.  So that’s something to look forward to at least.

But ultimately, for me personally,I’m not that bothered about government advisers or political debate in Europe.   I cannot influence any of these things to much extent, if at all, and so therefore we have to just let the powers that be get on with it.

The impact of Lockdown on Choirs

Since the announcement in the middle of March where group activities were banned our business, like thousands of others around the world, has essentially been brought to a standstill.    On a personal level as someone who derives their entire income from working with choirs and schools this is potentially very bad news.   But it is what it is and therefore we have to find a way through.

As we start to see a gradual change in the lockdown rules with, bit by bit, small concessions being made towards some sense of ‘normal’ life, choirs are understandably watching the news very closely.

I fear, however, that it might well be some time before any singing is actually allowed in public.   It’s one thing to think that maybe in time we might be allowed small groups to sing together whilst socially distanced outside, but as to whether any larger groups will ever be allowed to sing indoors with an audience present seems almost fantasy like at this point.

What can be done?

We can debate the notion of when choirs might be allowed to sing again until the internet runs out of available space.  Ultimately, certainly at this point in time there is no answer.   The theory as to whether singing is any worse than speaking in terms of spreading the virus varies according to what source you read.  I’m not going to weigh in on that argument either.

The only thing I do know, is that all the people in my choirs are desperate to get back to singing together.  Obviously no one wants to break the rules and we certainly won’t be doing anything any time soon.

And so in the meantime, choirs have gone online.  From weekly rehearsals via zoom to virtual videos recorded whilst everyone is at home in lockdown.     We have helped a number of choirs make the transition online.   Whilst our business is primarily about audio recording this is a crucial part of making your choir video.   After all the primary purpose of these videos is for choirs to hear how they sound together after many weeks of singing to themselves in Zoom rehearsals.

A few examples of our work

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