Goldies Charity goes online with weekly virtual sessions

Helping Golden Oldies go online by producing weekly sing along sessions to replace the sessions which used to take place in care homes and other environments

Golden-Oldies is a registered charity that was started in 2008 by West Country music man Grenville Jones. Over the years the work of the Charity has grown with older isolated people and the introduction of FUN daytime Sing & Smile sessions across England and Wales. Prior to Lockdown in March 2020 the ‘Goldies’ work had grown to the point where it was running 220 daytime sessions led by 73 dedicated freelance leaders. The Charity is based upon organising events that folk can look forward to attending and at the heart of every event is always good old fashioned singalong!

We have been working with Grenville Jones for many years now on a variety of projects including the Goldies Charity, his various choirs in Bath and some inter generational school projects.   When the UK was put into the first lockdown back in March 2020, all our planned recordings for choirs and schools were postponed or cancelled until further notice.  As a result we had to look at alternative business options, one of which was to create videos of choirs and other groups.

GoldiesLive Weekly Sessions

Mid 2020, Grenville Jones approached us with his idea to take his weekly Goldies sessions online.   The premise was relatively straightforward. Two of his session leaders, Rachel and Cheryl would produce weekly singalong videos around 30 minutes in length.  Our job was to then add the lyrics and some titles to appear on screen alongside the singing and then produce the video so it could be shown on You Tube and other social media channels.

We have created a similar type of video for Grenville in the past when we worked on a project with one of his choirs to put some favourite hymns online. The only difference there is that we recorded the choir live first before making the videos.

Goldies live

We started producing GoldiesLive videos at the end of June 2020 and so far the project has been running very successfully for 6 months. Each week, two videos are produced from each of the session leaders.  Every video contains six songs (unless we come up against copyright issues) and lots of chat and banter from Rachel and Cheryl.  The sessions are funded through a number of sponsors, all of whom get recognition at the end of each video.    The current plan is for the weekly videos to continue through the Spring, with additional funding being sought to continue through 2021.

Watch the videos

You can find all the videos either on the Goldies You Tube Channel or by visiting the Goldies website.   Below is a sample of a couple of recent videos we have produced.



If you would like to find out more about our work with Goldies or our video production solutions then please get in touch by email or give us a call on 01225 302413





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