School Recordings to resume during Summer Term 2021


With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic, nothing is certain.  But once school recordings are possible again, 4 Part Music are open and ready for business


The last 12 months have been tricky for most of us.   In the world of business, many companies have been looking for new ways to reinvent themselves.  To a point we did this at 4 Part Music with the arrival of our virtual choir videos.   Indeed we still have a few of those going on at the time of writing.

Now, however, with some prospect of the world ‘reopening’ again and with schools in the UK already having gone back, there is a renewed hope and energy for business to return.  In October and November last year, we were involved in a flurry of Christmas School Recordings.  There was briefly a window where such work was permissible. And as a result we were soon fully booked for the few weeks leading up to Christmas.

We are now hoping for a similar flurry of activity during the Summer Term 2021.    Of course this will all still depend on any appropriate regulations concerning working on location and indeed working in schools.   However, as we cannot realistically record a school from anywhere other than on location, the implication is this should be permissible.

Your School CD Recording

Apart from the addition of various risk assessments, our basic business model remains unchanged when it comes to School Recordings.   The only difference is we have added a few things to make it easier to deal with potential number limits and covid restrictions in school.  And on the plus side, we have proven this works during our stint of Christmas recordings so can now speak from experience when it comes to matters of distancing and alternative recording methods.

Socially Distanced Recording

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that sometimes you can throw away the rule book and things still work.   In an ideal world any ‘choral’ recording requires people to be stood close to one another.  Yes true this gives you the most blended sound.  However, at the moment, asking people to stand closely together is not deemed politically correct.  And we have found, through careful research that a bit of clever microphone placement means you can keep your choir members all at least 2 metres apart (in all directions) and still create the sound of a blended choir.

From our perspective, our sound engineers have always operated at a distance.   We usually set up a desk in the corner of your school hall from where we do all the recording and put the computers etc.   Generally speaking there is little need for interaction with the pupils during the course of the recording, other than to perhaps adjust the height of a soloist microphone. But again this can easily be done without getting closer than 2 metres.

We proved without doubt that mobile recordings can be done perfectly safely and responsibly – indeed we now have a considerable number of schools who will be testament to this.

Recording Summer Term 2021

At the time of writing there is still little certainty about the way things are going in regards to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  The hope is that compared to March 2020, we are now heading out of a world of restrictions.  But we are still very much at the early stages of this so it is not a good time to start counting chickens.

Nevertheless, we remain open and are starting to take enquiries and bookings for school recordings after Easter.   With the roadmap out of lockdown currently on track we remain positive that the recordings currently booked and any new ones will be able to go ahead as planned, in the same way they did at Christmas.

If you would like to find out more please click here to contact us by email.

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