Funeral Videography – Recording a Funeral in Hampshire

Funeral Videography

As well as recording Choirs and Schools on location, 4 Part Music are also increasingly involved in Funeral Videopgraphy

Covid-19 has forced a lot of companies to get involved in areas of business which might fall slightly outside of their normal routine.   For 4 Part Music, videoing funerals is not actually that new. We have been recording funerals since 2017 and started videoing funerals in 2019.

Funeral in Hampshire

Recently we were booked to record and video a funeral in Hampshire.   We have a long standing arrangement with a number of funeral directors in the area and so its nice to be their ‘go to’ solution for funeral videography.

This particular funeral was taking place at a Catholic Church just outside of Southampton in Hampshire.  Specially the Catholic Church of Our Lady Queen of Apostles.   Arriving, we found the church nestled in amongst a housing estate.

Funeral Videography
Location for today’s Funeral Videography

Setting up

One of our challenges with funeral videography is having enough time at the venue to asses the best way of setting up.  The aim is always to get the best coverage without being in any way intrusive.   We also have to work closely with the priest and the family.

Arriving in good time at the church we scouted out the building, both inside and out, picking suitable filing locations.  The brief was to cover the arrival of the hearse, capture the entrance into the church and then the full service, which in this case was a catholic mass.

Inside the church, permission was granted to only film from a single location.   Taking up a position by the North Wall, this gave us a clear view of the altar, the coffin and capturing some of the family.  But the cameras were kept behind the family pews at all time so there was nothing obvious to say the funeral was being filmed.

During the service we had a couple of cameras rolling (rule number one always have a back up even if you are only filming from 1 angle).  Even if we are not live streaming a service, it is imperative to have 2 cameras as a minimum.  For this particular job we were running 4 cameras in total capturing both video and stills throughout.

At the end of the service we cut to another camera which was running outside, to capture details of the arrival and exit of the funeral procession.

funeral videography

Filming with Discretion

Understandably, we will not share the funeral video on here as it was recorded purely as a private memento for the family.    If you would like to find out more about our videography services for funerals then please get in touch via our contact page.

4 Part Music also offer Funeral Videography and Audio Recording throughout the South West and in particular Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties.   

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