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After a long ‘break’ due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are back and ready to Record Choirs using our mobile studio anywhere in the UK

Coronavirus has been challenging for almost any business, anywhere in the world.   Quite possibly the only companies who benefited from lockdown were the likes of Amazon and Netflix.   For the last goodness knows how long, most of us have all done our shopping on a mobile device whilst sat on the sofa watching television.   So finally ‘freedom day’ arrived and now we can all go about our business as normal.  Well, sort of.

Whatever your situation the chances are the last 18 months have been challenging in one way or another.  None of us really know what will happen going forward.  Like everyone, we are hoping the vaccine programme and continued due diligence of the great British public will help to keep us all safe and ensure that some sense of ‘normal life’ can be maintained for the foreseeable future.

Choirs and Singing in the UK

For anyone involved with choirs or singing, one of the biggest ‘challenges’ was the negative perception around singing due to an apparent increased likelihood of this spreading Coronavirus.  We are not going to add fuel to that debate nor make any comment on whether it was right or not.

The current situation is that most choirs are back rehearsing and preparing for concerts.   This is great news for anyone in the choral industry who has been kept away for so long.   It’s also good news for us and we hope will soon lead to some ‘real life’ recordings as opposed to the virtual recordings we have been doing for the past year or so.

Choirs Singing

With choirs having been silent for so long, it’s great to see so many groups out there on social media promoting rehearsals, recruitment evenings and concerts.  Lots of choirs, nor surprisingly, are joining together to put on concerts, otherwise the already limited audience is likely to be faced with every choir in the land wanting to put on a concert in the Autumn!  By joining forces, this becomes far more feasible to bring in an audience.

Record Your Choir

Lockdown was tough on choirs although lots of groups did participate in some virtual recordings.  We got involved with this too and produced a number of online recordings with choirs.   I’m sure we will all remember the year of choirs singing in little boxes on you tube.   Back in March 2020 this seemed almost innovational – somehow, a little over 12 months later, we are probably all done with ‘virtual choirs’ and longing once again for the real thing.

So for many, the time has most definitely come to make a ‘proper’ recording and see just how the choir sounds when they actually sing together in the same space.   Even with social distancing in place, we can still put together a very good quality of recording.   This has been proven by some of the school recordings we undertook just before Christmas last year where it was permitted to do so but only in groups of 15 or so who were socially distanced in the school hall.  For those recordings we created the ‘effect’ of the whole school singing together by blending multiple groups together (singing the same song!).   This isn’t ideal, although the concept of multi tracking is by no means new. But it did work reasonably well and at the time was a good compromise compared to recording videos in boxes!

When is the right time to record?

In short, there is never a best time for recording.  A lot of choirs tend to record either just before or just after a concert and then choose to record the repertoire they have learnt for said concert.  Other choirs forgo a concert for one ‘season’ and focus on learning songs purely for a recording. The advantage of this later option is you can then pick songs which are not featuring in your forthcoming concerts so that the music on the CD is different.  This gives you more scope to sell it.

But in truth there is no right or wrong time.  The key is to pick a time when the choir is well rehearsed in the songs you are proposing to record.

Should you record a CD or just a digital album?

At the moment this is probably the most popular question.  We are still producing tens of thousands of CDs a year for choirs who have recorded with us. Ok perhaps it was a few less in 2020 but still with the few recordings we have already undertaken choirs are wanting to buy CDs.   The main reason for still taking the recording on CD is it gives the choirs something physical to sell, at a concert for example.   As all our CDs now come with access to the digital copy of the album the customer is not penalised for having purchased a CD.

In time we may ‘lose’ the CD but most likely will still come up with some ‘product’ for choirs to sell even if it is just a little booklet which then has access to a recording.

Regardless of the final output digital or physical media, the recording still has to be made!  And that’s our core business. So when you are ready to make a recording with your choir, then please get in touch and we can discuss the many and various options open to you.

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