Record at your Primary School this Christmas

With autumn hastening on and leaves on the trees starting to turn a tinge of yellow, the school term is also rapidly heading towards half term.  Ok so perhaps another few weeks yet, but in the blink of an eye we seem to have arrived at the start of October.   This means that a lot of schools are already starting to plan for Christmas nativities or concerts.  With restrictions so far still eased here in the UK, with regards to Covid-19, there is a certain degree of optimism in the air about the ability of schools to once again put on shows and do more group activities.   This, in turn, means that recordings can once again go ahead with larger groups.

Last year we did take on a number of School Christmas recordings and in the majority of cases we recorded lots of smaller groups and then ‘stuck them together’ in post production.   This meant that all pupils were still involved in the recording process, but it was all carried out in a covid secure way.   This year, we may be doing a degree of post production work to minimise large groups but hopefully we can resume a more ‘normal’ recording process.  Choirs and group singing have been allowed in the UK since 19 July and, so far, the signs are promising that it continues to be a safe activity.

Booking Your School Recording

Recordings 4 Schools continue to remain open and we are starting to get booked up for Christmas Recordings in 2021.   For now we continue to offer our CD package whereby schools purchase a number of CDs which can then be sold on to parents for a small profit.

However, we recognise that CDs are fast being replaced by digital media.  A lot of people, understandably, don’t even have a CD player any more.   For this reason, a couple of years ago we started to include digital versions of the recordings with all CDs.   This means when you buy a ‘CD’ you are also purchasing a digital download of the audio files.

Why do you still sell CDs?

We are now at the point where we are debating whether to still include the CD.  Having spoken to a lot of schools, the key to making this a viable project for them and enabling them to raise money is having a physical product for sale.   If we just made the tracks available as a download this puts more pressure on the parents to then go and find it, create a login and put in credit card details to download the music.   Some parents will of course do this, but a lot are likely to forget.   And this directly impacts on the amount of money schools can raise from this project.

Nowadays we aren’t so much selling the CDs as the packing and the digital audio. Part of the recording project is for pupils to design the front cover of the CD packaging. Today these are all eco friendly recyclable products.  Whether or not a CD is included is something still up for debate.  We have considered the option of supplying the audio on USB sticks, although in reality this works out more expensive than a CD by the time you print them and design some suitable packaging.

Inside each CD case along with the disc, there is a link for a digital download.  Each CD has a unique code which allows the user to download one digital copy of the files.  These can then be played wherever you normally stream your music whether thats from a phone or computer or other streaming device.

We hope that, certainly for now, this gives parents the best of both worlds and is the best way to help schools sell as many recordings as possible.  The bottom line is the more the school sells, the more they, or their PTA, will raise.  With a lot of schools we work with raising anything from £500 – £1000 without any up front outlay this is still a very popular option.

If you would like to find out more then please get in touch via our contact form.


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