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Recording a CD with your community choir can be quite a daunting prospect.  To help you make an informed decision we have put together a brief guide as to how the process works along with some of the things you should consider when choosing a mobile recording company to record your Choir.

Why Record a CD?

Some might argue that CD’s are a bit old hat in today’s digital world. But in many ways they are better than the digital alternative.  A CD for example is a physical product and as such can be sold at choir concerts and events.  This way you are in control of selling the recording rather than just putting it up for sale online somewhere and relying on your customers going to buy it after the concert.

The Recording Session

This is the day or couple of days spent actually recording your choir.  Recordings 4 Choirs have a fully mobile 16 or 32 channel digital recording studio which we travel all over the UK with.  We can set up and record almost anywhere (although preferably indoors!).  If you need help finding a venue then we are always happy to advise. Most choirs will either use a rehearsal space they are familiar with or a local venue where they have given a concert.  Churches are often a good place to consider if you’re not sure.

Most recordings are undertaken over a weekend so usually a Saturday and Sunday although we can record in a single day if you prefer.  Do bear in mind even the best singers will get tired and so it is often a good idea to split the recording into two sessions.  Typically we would arrive on site at 8am and be ready to record by 9.30am whilst the choir arrive and warmup.  Most recordings then run between 10am and  4pm with a number of breaks to give the singers a rest.  Exactly how you run the session is largely up to you. We will help and advise if requested.

Essentially it’s a bit like a glorified choir rehearsal.  Tackle the songs one at a time usually with a run through first. Then after a few tweaks we will record a take which you can then listen back to either through speakers  in the recording space or headphones at our production desk.  Sometimes songs are recorded in 2 or 3 takes, sometimes there is a small bit of editing to be done if you for example want to re record the ending.  Exactly how much of this can be done will of course depend on how much budget you have for post production.

Post Production

This is the ‘clever bit’ which happens back in our Studio’s after the recording session.  Post production takes in the editing process (putting on the new ending or the replacement bar 6 for example) right through to mastering and CD output where our engineers listen to each individual channel and instrument to make sure we create the best sound possible. Customers often think miracles are created in Post Production. Yes we do a fair bit and will make the recording sound fabulous. But ultimately if you sang it wrong then there isn’t much we can do about that!

CD Artwork and Delivery

Once the ‘Master CD’ has been approved then we will create artwork for you (or some clients use their own graphic designers for this purpose using our templates). From this point, and approval of artwork, the CD’s are usually delivered to you within 7-10 days depending on the quantity ordered and the specification of the packaging.  As standard all our CD’s are packaged in Jewel cases with a 4 page booklet and then shrink wrapped for the professional look.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD with 4 Part Music then please call us on 07855 275353

The Author: Jules Addison is a Director of 4 Part Music Ltd He also runs a number of community choirs in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

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