Why Choose 4 Part Music for your CD Recording?

CD Recording

Making the right choice when it comes to recording your next Album is extremely important.  Here are some facts about 4 Part Music to help you make an informed decision 

4 Part Music was established in 2004 to offer the very best “on location recordings” for choirs, schools and the classical music industry.  By using multi-mic techniques, coupled to the latest digital recording equipment, we are able to achieve the highest quality currently available.  We record on location all over the UK and do not charge for travel.

Key Information

A recording is more than just a record of what happened. It is something which should be valued by the musicians who took part and give a true reflection of their high standards and the effort they put in.  Since forming the company we have never compromised on anything in terms of the equipment and investment required to get the best results. As such you can be assured that a recording by 4 Part Music will be of the highest quality and do justice to your musical talents.

We are not a one man band and as a result we will set up a professional recording studio anywhere in the UK. This includes talk back systems and a separate production desk away from the recording space. You can even have one or more of your Choir members or Committee act as Producer if you want.


We believe that our success as a recording company stems entirely from the quality of our recordings.  The art of making a good recording is not simply putting up a microphone in front of musicians. Instead, it is about capturing the music and the venue in which it was performed to a give a true reflection of the effort which has been put into every performance.

We have two digital recording rigs which give us up to 16 channels of high quality audio.  In simple terms this allows us to place 16 microphones in the recording space. This means we not only capture the individual musicians but also the acoustic of the venue which is of paramount importance.  The extent and superior quality of our equipment means we can easily record anything from a solo voice and piano through to a full orchestra accompanying a choral society and 4 soloists without compromising at any point.

We sometimes use the strap line, “for musicians, by musicians”.  This is self explanatory but our understanding of not only the technical aspects of recording, but also the delicate art of performance and musicianship sets us apart in this industry.

Mobile Recording Studio

Whilst we may be a location recording company, 4 Part Music’s Mobile Recording Rig is based around the same principles as a fixed Studio.  When we set up in Schools often the pupils first reaction when they walk into the session venue is ‘Wow it’s just like a real recording studio’.  Ultimately that’s because it is a real recording studio!  Our premise has always been quality first and foremost.  After all our reputation is based entirely on the quality of our recordings not the brand of our mobile studio or the colours of our microphone cables!

If you would like to discuss recording a CD of your School or Choir then give us a call on 07855 275353 or Click here to contact us by email