What to Expect

expectationWhen choosing a Mobile Recording Company to produce your next album we think it’s important to know exactly what to expect…

We are often asked how much space is needed for a location recording, the time it takes to setup and how much kit will we be bringing to the session?

Timelapse Video showing a Choir Recording Setup

Look at this setup for a large Male Voice Choir and see how we fit around you.  This 20 second time-lapse video covers a set-up time of approximately 1 hour from the point where we carried our kit into the venue to the end of the choirs warmup.  

We will always adapt to your choir or band as required. This helps to ensure the best recording quality is obtained through careful microphone placement to not only capture your choir but also capture detail of your accompanist and the acoustic of the recording space if required.

The advantage of recording on location is that we come to you! So costly travel and logistics are avoided, and you are able to create a recording at the fraction of the studio cost, but to the same standard!

More Information

To find out more about our mobile recording Services for Choirs, Schools and Bands then please give us a call on 07855 275353 or click here to email us