Artwork Templates

templatesBelow you will find templates for creating your own artwork.  For School CD Front page templates please visit our Downloads and Guides Page

This page contains a range of templates. As standard all our CDs are supplied in Jewel Cases. Before using any of the other templates please ensure you have checked with us the packaging option is still available.  Also please bear in mind our pricing quoted is based on Jewel cases.  Any other option could add further cost to the unit price.   

CD Jewel Case Templates

Alternative Templates

All our templates are PDF format unless otherwise stated.

Graphic Design and CD Artwork solutions

If you wish to use your own design or employ a graphic designer to create your CD artwork then please use the templates above.  If you are in any doubt as to which is the most appropriate template for your use then please get in touch and we will make sure you are using the correct file.

Alternatively we have an in house graphic design team who can help you create your artwork either from one of our standard designs or a completely bespoke solution.   Please get in touch for more details.

For further information please contact us on 07855 275353 or email us via the contact page